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  • Food · Pharma · Chemical

    manufacturer of filter media pleating machine equipment
    CHEM TECH Korea
    AL Welding material manufacturer, brazing additives, brazing filler metal, brazing materials and machine
    Fine Chemical products manufacturer, fire resistant materials, sealant, floatover solution, tension leg platform, adhesive and more
    zirconium compounds, rare earth compounds and Zr+RE composites manufacturer
    Heat exchanger manufacturer, Fin tube, Steam Air heater, Heating & Cooling Coil and more
    Samjoo ENG
    Manufacturer of kitchen and laundry equipment for marine, commercial kitchen and housing
    Caster Cleaner, Shoe Sold Cleaner, Suction Mat Manufacturer, Dust Collector and more
    Daesan Pharmatech
    Semi automatic capsule charging machine manufacturer, Hard capsule charging machine, Orientation machine, Sorter and more
    Manufacturer of glass reaction system. temperature control unit, labaratory equipment and more
    Manufacturer of basket mill, planetary mixer, dissolver, pin mill, three roll mill and more
    Yongsung Refrigeration
    Tunnel Steamer, Tunnal Freezer, Spiral Steamer, Spiral Freezer, Quick Freezer, Contact Freezer
    Young Kwang
    STS, PDF, PDS water tank, Training wall, Lining, Pressure vessel, Compact unit
    Industrial heat exchanger, Heat exchanger for High speed engine, Diesel engine parts
    Wonchang Feedcell
    Powder feeding facility, Screw feeder, Pneumatic conveyor, Powder valve and more
    Jeil General Machinery
    Tofu automation facility manufacturer, Washing, Soak, Preprocessing, Filter, Coagulation, Resizing facility
    Tanhay Corporation
    Central coolant filtration system (CCS), Vehicle rear safety alarm system and Plant automation system manufacturer and trader
    Sung Ji
    Food and Alcohol manufacturing equipment, Diatomite filter, Alcohol facility, Sterilizer, Carburetter and more
    Sejin Tech Win
    Centrifugal separator manufacturer, Parts OEM exporting
    Electronic material and Industrial machine, Mixer, Dehydrator, Agitator
    Shinwha Pharma Tech
    Pharmaceutical facility manufacturer, Tablet Press, Coater, Granulator, Capsule filler and more