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    About Supplier

    Based on Heat Exchanger Process Engineering, BANDO E&T Co., Ltd. concentrates its technological power to simplify process, energy saving and cost reduction. We will do our best to be a prosperous company with our customers based on sincerity, technology and trust.

    - A company that constantly challenges the world
    - A company that people hope
    - A company based on trust and integrity
    - Family-like enterprise
    - Companies with customers

    20, Oksugok 1-gil, Onyang-eup, Ulju-gun, Ulsan, Korea

    Product List


    Gasketed Plate Type Heat Exchanger
    Bloc Type Heat Exchanger
    Wide Bloc Type Heat Exchanger
    Spiral Type Heat Exchanger
    Plate Coil Type Heat Exchanger
    High-Speed Separator
    Decanter Centrifuge
    Rotork Controls – Actuators