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    About Supplier

    With unceasing efforts for technical innovation and unbending sprit of artisan, CleanTec promises a shining future.

    Having wide experience and high level of technology, CleanTec provides goods in various industrial fields, and endeavors to extend itself to a new market continuously.

    For the advancement in technology, CleanTec has been conducting academic-industrial cooperation with renowned universities in Korea, and acquired good reputation in various industrial exhibitions.

    Under the management policy of "Customer-oriented development of human resources and technology," CleanTec will make a ceaseless effort to be more innovative in manufacturing new products based on high technology and company's know-how. Moreover, CleanTec promises to provide the customers with the products of the best quality, assured by a strict quality control and after-sale services. CleanTec takes pride in its long history with customers, and will always put the utmost efforts to challenge a new market and another leap.

    52-9, Noksansaneopjung-ro, Gangseo-gu, Busan, Korea

    Product List

    Honing Machine

    Horizontal Honing Machine
    HM20, HM40, HM60, HM80, HM120
    Disc Honing Machine
    DH-H, DH-V
    Spherical Honing Machine
    One Pass Honing Machine (Multi Spindle)
    SP10, SP15, SP20, SP30
    Hydrauric Expansion Type Verical Honing Machine
    VH-01S, VH-02S, VH-03S, VH-04S, VH-06S, VH-08S, VH-10S, VH-12S, VH-15S, VH-20S, VH-25S, VH-30S, VH-01D, VH-01D, VH-02D, VH-03D, VH-04D, VH-06D, VH-08D, VH-10D, VH-12D, VH-15D, VH-20D, VH-25D, VH-30D
    CNC Vertical Honing Machine
    CVH-03S, CVH-06S, CVH-12S, CVH-03D, CVH-06D, CVH-12D

    Centrifugal Separator

    SF-50S, SF-100S, SF-200S
    Manual Models
    SF-50N, SF-100N
    Automatic Models
    SF-50A, SF-100A, SF-200A
    Power Automatic Models
    PSF-100A, PSF- 200A, PSF-400A

    Liquid / Solid Separator

    Liquid / Solid Separators
    SF-100A, SF-200A

    Lapping Machine

    Lapping Machine
    CLM-10S, CLM-10D