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  • Doori FS

    Doori FS

    About Supplier

    Doori FS Co., Ltd. was established in June 2000 for the purpose of developing and distributing filter and dehydration equipment necessary in the overall industries.

    Up to now, the advanced technology of filtration and dehydration has been dependent on foreign technology.

    Although domestic filtration equipment is installed and operated in various industrial areas, including food, beverage, liquor, chemicals, water treatment, and machine processing, there have been many problems with filtration precision and device stability.

    In the circumstance, to meet the trend of various industrial types and technical requirements, our company has established technical partnerships with advanced foreign firms and has independently developed technologies in association with the latest ones.

    As a result, Doori FS has the technology and system to satisfy any requirements of customers. 

    Through numerous plants, the company has made a lot of achievements.

    All executives and employees of Doori FS will do the best for quality improvement and manufacturing cost saving in the field of filtration and dehydration.

    75-1, Mayu-ro 238beon-gil, Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    Product List

    Precoat Filter

    What is precoat filter?
    What is diatomite?
    Operation process
    Components and Flow

    Features and Specifications by Filter Type

    페이퍼 캔들 필터 여과기
    NAV-D Series
    정밀필터 여과기
    NMB-N Series
    Pre-coat filter
    Bag filter
    NAB-D Series

    Application Areas

    Filter Application Areas

    Filter Press

    Waste Water & Water Treatment
    Chemicals and Processing
    Research & Education
    DMC 0.34N
    Food and Pharmaceutical Products

    Sludge Ejector

    Sludge ejector
    DFS-SC Series