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  • Yongsung Refrigeration

    About Supplier

    Yong Sung Refrigeration is a technology and customer oriented company focusing on manufacturing and service of refrigeration and refrigeration equipments among various food related industries. As a result, Yong Sung Refrigeration has grown into a leading company in the domestic market. We are building a solid foundation. Yong Sung Refrigeration is committed to meeting the needs of the industry with a challenging and rational enterprise management and to develop into Yong Sung Refrigeration in the world.

    First, continuous technology development and stable service base expansion. We will focus on developing technologies to meet the needs of new customers with HACCP, convenience and more advanced automation related to food hygiene and stability. Second, we will continue to expand overseas markets and enhance competitiveness through systems. In order to build up a system that raises the quality level to a higher level and saves the manufacturing cost, we will continue to grow the overseas market and more efficient overseas production system. Third, we will build in-house infrastructure for high-tech by inhaling and redeploying talent with motivation and a reasonable compensation system. We will demonstrate our full capabilities for the best work spirit and top quality in our business area.

    36, Gunjacheon-ro 9beon-gil, Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    Product List


    Tunnel Steamer
    Spiral Steamer
    Air Tight Door
    Fireroof Door
    Marine Door
    Insulated Door
    Tunnel Freezer
    YTF-250, YTF-500, YTF-750, YTF-1000
    Batch Type Quick Freezing System
    YBF-70, YBF-140, YBF-210
    Spiral Freezer
    YSF-250, YSF-500, YSF-750, YSF-1000
    Contact Freezer