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    About Supplier

    MYEONG WOO MICRON SYSTEM was established in 1983 and now produces various mills, separators and valves etc. and goes ahead as a growing company with customers.
    Based on the accumulated technologies through design, construction and trial operation for related instruments to food, chemical and medicine manufacturing and various transportation equipment plants, we promise to approach customers with better quality.
    In addition, driers, mixers and valves are being export to Japan, china and Indonesia and all of our staff are trying to satisfy customers.

    16, Euncheong-ro, Namdong-gu, Incheon, Korea

    Product List

    Crushing & Milling

    R&D Grinding Mill System
    Pin Mill
    MYPM Series
    Knife Hammer Mill
    MYKHM Series
    Vertical Multi Mill
    MYVTM Series
    Turbo Mill
    MYTM Series
    Atomizer Mill
    MYATM Series
    Super Mill
    MYSM Series

    Mixing Machine

    Test Mixer & Granulator
    Screw Mixer
    MYSCM Series
    Turbulent Mixer
    MYTBM Series
    Double Cone Mixer
    MYDCM Series
    MYVM Series
    Ribbon Mixer
    MYRM Series

    Separating & Screen

    Twist Screen
    MYVS-TS Series
    Vibrating Screen
    MYVS-VIG Series
    Zig Zag Separator
    Micron Separator
    MYMS Series
    Turbo Separator

    Gate & Valve

    Slide Gate
    MYSG Series
    Trickle Valve
    MYTV Series
    Rotary Valve
    MYRV Series

    Pneumatic System

    Low Pressure Conveying System
    High Pressure Conveying System
    MYTP Series


    Two Way Damper
    MYTWD Series
    Control & Butterfly Damper

    Fan & Blower

    Radial Fan
    Turbo Blower
    Sirocco Fan