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  • Tanhay Corporation

    About Supplier

    Since its foundation in 1973, Tanhay has grown as a global company with 40 year’s worth of high quality technology

    Sustainable development and growth is based on the creativity that satisfies the needs of the market; such as industrial automation, environmental cleaning, and vehicle safety devices.

    Tanhay has endeavored to develop and invest filtration devices since 1984. With such efforts, the company has delivered and installed the largest number of filtration devices not only in Korea but also overseas among domestic markets.

    In particular, we have obtained a good reputation from overseas markets such as; UST, China, Slovakia, Czech, India, Rumania.

    With many of years of technical expertise and experience, we promise to provide the best quality, optimal technical support, and solutions for the needs of our customers.

    219, Hwagok-ro, Gangseo-gu, Seoul, Korea

    Product List

    Central Coolant Filtration System

    Vacuum Filter
    TVF Type
    Precoat Filter
    TPF Type
    Rotary Filter
    TRF Type
    Hydraulic Net Filter
    THNF Type
    Magnetic Filter
    TMF Type
    Security Filter
    TSF Type


    Safety Fit
    Universal Joint
    Grinding Magnet
    Slag Detection System
    Water Coolant Cable

    Linear Motion

    Ball Screw

    Vehicle Rear Safety Alarm System


    Die Casting and Precision Machine Processing

    Die Casting and Precision Machine Processing