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  • We occupy global machine
    Industry data and lead the transactions.

    Komachine transforms offline based machine industry data and transaction to online platform.

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    June, 2021

    Incomparable Service and Strength

    Komachine leads the service standard in the market.
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    How to Sell
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    Incomparabe Reputation and Influence

    Komachine is the Presidential Awarded Startup in Korea.
    2020.Governor Commendation
    2020.GBSA Export Commendation
    2019.THCHBBQ Marine Time Winner
    2018.Ministry Commendation
    2017.Big Data Contest Winner
    2017.Superman Contest Winner
    2017.KGCCI, Chairman Award
    2017.Marketplace Winner
    2017.Startup League Winner
    2017.Presidential Award
    2017.Ministry Award
    2016.DB STARS Winner
    2016.Startup Runway Winner

    Incomparable Knowhow and Technology

    Patents, Intellectual Properties, certificates, and approvals.
    [Registered] 10-1981962Method of providing customized machine database based on behvaior pattern
    [Registered] 10-1986671Efficient method of registering machine product data on internet
    [Registered] 10-1986672Method of dipslay optimized machine and parts on database
    [Registered] 10-1986674Machine Industry forecase algorithm and system based on search frequency
    [Registered] 10-1983103Safe method for used machine transaction on network
    [Registered] 10-2192937Machine Trading matching server
    [Registered] 10-2159532Transaction trading system
    [Registered] 10-2208434Trade matching system and trading method
    [Registered] 10-2018-0119224Air cargo export calculation and matching system
    [Registered] 10-2018-0126676Ocean cargo export caluclation and matching system
    [Registered] 10-2018-0126682Ocean cargo export matching system
    [Registered] 10-2018-0126686Air cargo export matching system
    [Registered] 10-2018-0126668Trade matching system and trading method

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    Address[17015] 1101ho ,16-4, Dongbaekjungang-ro 16beon-gil, Giheung-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea