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    Please look around and send us concern and encouragement. Seji Tech Co., Ltd., which became dedicated to powder industry facilities, thanks so much for the support and incitement from each field since the establishment, and wish your prosperity and progress.

    We at Seji Tech Co., Ltd are trying our best in the research of the zero-gravity mixer and zero-gravity fluidized bed dryer that is considered to get more attention and love for mixing and drying that requires more accurate and delicate function with the development of a cultural industry that can be said as the most omportant process in powder production line such as food, feed, medicine for animal, chemicals, cement, structures, constructions and supplies, and metal etc., as well as new material ceramic, biotechnology and  environmental engineering that is required as new paradigm on the basis of accumulated technology an experience, to reward these supports.

    Also all employees of Seji Tech will try our best to secure competitiveness by maximizing productivity and improving the quality of precious products that are produced in your company by reducing cost as well as due date and securing reliability with constant research and development, improvement of technology, and supplementary work.

    Also, we that were born newly after a long hardship will be reborn as the small but storing company that attributes to society with clear management, and we point to honest society and cooperative society.

    Finally, we wish your health and happiness in everyday life. Have a useful and pleasnat time in our website.

    3, Geobungmi-gil, Songsan-myeon, Dangjin-si, Chungcheongnam-do, Korea

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    Non-Gravity Mixer

    Liquid Adding
    Lining & Coating
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    F Series
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    Shovel Mixer
    SSM Series
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