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    About Supplier

    Young Il has established Young Il Industrial Company in 1968 to start with as a business for the production of lighter refill oil.

    In more than 50 years of the past, we have been engaged in specialized production of Sun fuel as disposable butane gas and Prince gas for mountain climbing, and have grown with steady development of Young Il lacquer spray and multitudes of industrial aerosol products. In addition, we are being born again as a business capable of responding to customers' requests through the development of water-soluble and eco-friendly products and being provided with equipment required for commissioned processing in outsourcing.

    Also, to realize the objectives dreamed of since long time ago, we have been carefully taking steps one at a time. I believe that challenges for survival and prosperity are the destiny for a business in the ceaselessly changing management environment Since establishment, we have challenged new possibilities in facing changes and crises of the rapidly changing market and been expanding business opportunities by always searching for new ways even amidst the untransparent future.
    For the continuous growth of the business, we are striving to realize customer satisfaction by not only pursuing economic gains but also reinforcing ethical management, fulfilling social and environmental responsibilities, and providing the best services. We are also consistently implementing entry in new businesses based on our substantial financial structure while reinforcing the marketing competencies. Young Il Co. Ltd. wants to be born again as a 'business creating the environments and the future.

    In the forthcoming days, we will more systematize integrity management in compliance with basics and principles, and make efforts to become a trusted business fulfilling its social missions and responsibilities. We will continue to try further to secure source technologies and create values such as lawful management, eco-friendly management, customer prioritization, performing social responsibilities, etc.

    28-140, Yusangongdan 4-gil, Yangsan-si, Gyeongsangnam-do

    Product List

    Anti-corrosion coating agent

    YECOA YL-316B
    Rust-converting coating agent
    YECOA YL-316B
    Cold Silver Galvanizing
    YECOA YL-501K
    Cold Silver Galvanizing
    YECOA YL-501S
    ZINC Primer
    YECOA YL-501
    용융 알루미늄 도금 보수제
    YECOA YL-501AL
    Cold Silver Coat
    YECOA YL-501B
    Anti-corrosion primer
    YECOA YL-503
    Rust inhibition primer
    YECOA YL-503G
    Room-temperature black colorant
    YECOA YL-506G 
    Room-temperature black colorant
    YECOA YL-506
    Polyurethane varnish
    YECOA YL-509
    Long-term rust-inhibitor for mold
    YECOA YL-510
    Heat-resistant coating agent
    YECOA YL-515
    Heat-resistant fluorine resin coating agent
    YECOA YL-516
    Long-term rust inhibitor (BULK)(20kg)
    YECOA YL-517L
    Long-term rust inhibitor
    YECOA YL-517
    Film rust inhibitor
    YECOA YL-520
    Inorganic Zinc Primer (BULK)
    YECOA YZP-700
    Inorganic Zinc Primer
    YECOA YL-700
    Inorganic Zinc Primer
    YECOA YL-707
    Long-term rust inhibitor for molds
    YECOA YL-804

    Lacquer spray

    LEAD FREE lacquer spray
    YECOA YL-017
    Youngil Lacquer spray
    YECOA YL-071

    Tree Marking Paint

    Tree Marking Paint
    YECOA YL-007
    Tree Marking Paint
    YECOA YL-007
    Tree Marking Paint
    YECOA YL-007
    Tree Marking Paint
    YECOA YL-007
    Tree Marking Paint
    YECOA YL-007

    Cleaner (Electronic or Electrical)

    YL-101 Electrical Contact Cleaner
    YECOA YL-101
    YL-102 Electrical Contact Cleaner
    YECOA YL-102
    YL-102 Electrical Contact Cleaner
    YECOA YL-104
    Ultrapure ECC(for semiconductors)
    YECOA YL-108
    Ultra dust-free
    YECOA YL-109
    Cleaner for motors (nonflammable)
    YECOA YL-110
    Cleaner for motors (nonflammable)
    YECOA YL-111
    Cleaner for motors (flame-retardant)
    YECOA YL-112
    Cleaner for motors (flame-retardant) (20ℓ)
    YECOA YL-113
    Dust remover (nonflammable)
    YECOA YL-602
    Ultra-cleaner for electrical contact parts
    YECOA YL-3000
    NPP Ultra-cleaner for electrical
    YECOA YL-3000NPP
    Multi-cleaner (Multi-purpose)
    YECOA YL-5000

    Cleaner (Mechanical)

    Multi-purpose detergent
    YECOA YL-100
    Governor Cleaner
    YECOA YL-105
    Governor Cleaner
    YECOA YL-106
    Mold(resin) Cleaner
    YECOA YL-107
    Oil Cleaner
    YECOA YL-115
    Removal of oil / grease(20㎏)
    YECOA YL-116
    Removal of oil / grease(20㎏)
    YECOA YL-117
    Ultrasonic Cleaner(18ℓ)
    YECOA YL-119
    Dehumidifying Cleaner
    YECOA YL-123
    High-power mold Cleaner
    YECOA YL-180
    Oil remover from metal surfaces (nonflammable)
    YECOA YL-403
    Oil remover from metal surfaces (nonflammable)(20kg)
    YECOA YL-404
    Rust remover (water-soluble)(20㎏)
    YECOA YL-405B
    Surface cleaning agent AL (water-soluble)(20㎏)
    YECOA YL-408
    Adhesive and sticker remover
    YECOA YL-600
    Adhesive and sticker remover
    YECOA YL-600L
    Paint remover
    YECOA YL-601
    Multi-purpose high-power cleaner (SUPER CLEANER) (20㎏)
    YECOA YL-3101
    Chain & Oil Cleaner
    YECOA YL-7000

    Releasing agent

    High-viscosity silicone releasing agent
    YECOA YL-201
    Heat-resistant releasing agent
    YECOA YL-202
    Semi-dry fluorine releasing agent
    YECOA YL-203
    Plastic releasing agent
    YECOA YL-204
    Rubber releasing agent
    YECOA YL-205
    Penetrant lubricant
    YECOA YL-207
    Special-purpose (polyurethane) releasing agent
    YECOA YL-210
    Graphite lubricant
    YECOA YL-300
    Lubricant for food machine
    YECOA YL-302
    Ultrahigh-temperature lubricant
    YECOA YL-304
    Fluorine resin lubricant
    YECOA YL-306
    Lubricant for weight machine
    YECOA YL-307
    Dry-type molybdenum lubricant
    YECOA YL-308
    Dry-type molybdenum lubricant
    YECOA YL-309
    Wet-type molybdenum lubricant
    YECOA YL-310
    Bearing grease lubricant
    YECOA YL-311
    Long-Term lubrication grease
    YECOA YL-312
    Bearing grease lubricant
    YECOA YL-313
    High-viscosity lubricant
    YECOA YL-315
    Chain lubricant
    YECOA YL-317
    Non-seize (Nickel)
    YECOA YL-415
    Non-seize (Aluminium)
    YECOA YL-416
    Luxury lubrication and rust inhibition agent
    YECOA YL-502
    Releasing agent foe secondary processing (Painting allowed)
    YECOA YL-504B
    YL-504A Releasing agent for primary processing (Painting not allowed)
    YECOA YL-504A
    YL-508A Customized lubricant & rust inhibitor
    YECOA YL-508A, YL-508AB
    Lubricant & rust inhibitor
    YECOA YL-508
    Spray grease
    YECOA YL-703

    Welding supplies / Non-Destructive Testing(NDT)

    Nozzle coating agent for high temperatures
    YECOA YL-303H
    Welding slag remover
    YECOA YL-701
    Anti-spatter for welding(Only Steel)
    YECOA YL-702
    CRACK CHECK Cleaner (Dye penetrant testing agent)
    YECOA YL-801
    CRACK CHECK Penetrant (Dye penetrant testing agent)
    YECOA YL-802
    CRACK CHECK Developer (Dye penetrant testing agent)
    YECOA YL-803
    White paint for magnetic particle testing (MT)
    YECOA YL-806
    Black magnetic particle spray (MT)
    YECOA YL-807
    Fluorescent magnetic particle spray(MT chemical)
    YECOA YL-808

    Insulation coating agent

    Varnish silicone insulation agent
    YECOA YL-900
    Polyurethane insulation agent
    YECOA YL-901
    Acrylic insulation agent
    YECOA YL-902


    Powerful waterproofing agent spray
    YECOA YL-008
    Quick freezing spray
    YECOA YL-407
    Leak check spray
    YECOA YL-410
    Spray adhesive (for permanent fixing)
    YECOA YL-505
    All-season polyurethane flame-retardant foam (MULTI FOAM)
    YECOA YL-507
    Tapping spray (High Tap)
    YECOA YL-704
    Tapping oil (High Tap COMBI)
    YECOA YL-705
    Non Slip spray (transparent, orange-colored)
    YECOA YL-870
    Fluorescent spray
    YECOA YL-880
    Belt slip prevention agent
    YECOA YL-890
    Pure Doctor Set
    YECOA YL-960

    Household goods

    Sun fuel
    High sun
    Annie power
    PRINCE (camping-dedicated gas)
    Lighter gas
    Lighter oil
    TY-101 Gas range
    TY-108 Gas range
    701S Gas range
    TY-105 Gas range
    Sweet garden air freshener
    Sweet garden sprayer
    Hygienic gloves
    Sun paper cup