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  • Shilla Fire

    Special Purpose Nozzle
    Nozzle & Water Spray Nozzle

    Product Description

    Shilla Fire Special Purpose Nozzle

    Product List

    Nozzle & Water Spray Nozzle

    Branch Pipe
    Nozzle Tip (Fog & Straight Stream)
    Nozzle Tip (Straight Stream)
    Water Nozzle
    Water Combination Nozzle
    Smoke Extracting Nozzle
    High Fog Nozzle
    Light Nozzle
    UV Flame Detector Nozzle
    Water Monitor Jumbo Nozzle
    Foam Monitor Nozzle
    Remote Controlled Nozzle
    Medium Expansion Foam Nozzle
    Pipe Type Air Foam Nozzle
    Pipe Type Air Foam Monitor Nozzle
    Special Purpose Nozzle
    Water Spray Nozzle
    Water Spray Head
    Sprinkler Head
    Air Foam Water Sprinkler Head
    Air Foam Head
    Stacked Nozzle
    Special Purpose Nozzle
    Special Purpose Nozzle

    Valve & Connector

    Y Type Ball Valve
    Y Type Connector
    Gate Valves
    Globe Valves
    Outdoor Hydrant Ball Valves
    Fire Truck Ball Valves
    Indoor Hydrant Valve
    Ball Valve Shut-Offs
    Deluge Pre-Action Valve
    Deluge Valve
    Alarm Valve
    Double Female Coupling
    Double Male Coupling
    Female to Male Coupling
    Cap & Plug
    Hose Coupling
    Machino Quick Coupling
    BS Quick Coupling
    Storz Coupling
    Monitor Valve
    Monitor Elbow


    Lever Operation Type Monitor
    Wheel Operation Type Monitor
    Remote Controlled Type Monitor
    Electro-Hydraulic RCM


    Under Ground Hydrant
    Stand Pipe
    Post Indicator Valves
    Outdoor Hydrant (4"-2WAY)
    Outdoor Hydrant (6"-3WAY)
    Outdoor Hydrant (6"-4WAY)
    Simple Frame Hydrant

    Foam Equipment

    Air Foam Chamber
    Foam Maker
    Foam Liquid
    Riser Strainer
    Flexible Tube
    Foam Liquid Tank
    Pressure Positioner
    Line Positioner
    Foam Ejector
    High Expansion Foam Generator

    Special Equipment

    Fire Hose
    Foam Trailer
    Hydrant Cabinet
    Special Equipment
    Rescue Equipment
    Safety Product
    Air Vent
    Hose Reel
    Rotary Joint
    Fire Extinguisher