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  • Yujin Discom

    Polarizer Attach Machine (47")
    Large Machine

    Product Description

    Product List

    Module Line

    Polarizer Cutting Machine
    Auto Polarizer Attach Machine
    Auto Polarizer Attach Machine (10.4")
    Polarizer Attach Machine
    Auto Visual Tester (AVT)
    Auto Clave (Ø550, Ø820)
    ACF Bonder
    Semi COG Bonder (2Head)
    FPC Bonder (R-L)
    FPC Bonder 4H-4S (R-L)
    FPC Bonder (Turn) 1H-2S
    FPC Bonder (Turn) 2H-4S
    Auto LCM Assembly Machine

    Cell Line

    Auto Scribe (4Head)
    Single Scribe
    Filling Machine (Oil Pump)
    END Seal Machine (3Head)
    Cell Cleaning Machine (7Sump)

    TSP Line

    Assembly Rolling Machine
    Cell Laminator
    Guide Hole Cutter
    OCA Attach Machine
    Sheet Assembly Machine

    Large Machine

    Polarizer Attach Machine (47")
    TAB Bonder (47")
    PCB Bonding Machine (47")
    Semi COG Bonder (24")
    Auto TAB Bonder (15")

    The 1st Part Process

    Seal Cure