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    Halogen Lamp
    Light Bulb

    Product Description

    Equipment Overview & Specification

    JINWOO ENGINEERING Halogen Lamp H8/9/11/16

    Equipment Overview

    Among the automobile Head Light Bulb manufacturing processes, Capsule Line and Assembly Line, apply to the Assembly Line and composed In Line.
    PS) Capsule Line equipment feed is also available upon request for Proposal.

    Equipment Specification

    Produced Model

    (H8, H9, H11) Filament for both DC12 and DC24

    Capacity & Control

    UPEH = 1,440ea [Tact Time = 2.5Sec/ea]

    Production Speed control by Inverter

    In line system


    Capsule Assembly

    ①Adapter ② S-ring ③ Base ④ Cap ⑤ L-Ring

    Equipment Composition

    #1. Capping & Focusing

    1 Cell

    #2. Top Coating

    1 Cell

    #3. Vision Inspection & Marking

    1 Cell

    #4. L-ring Inserting

    1 Cell

    #5. Auto Burning

    1 Cell

    #6. Unloading

    1 Cell


    JINWOO ENGINEERING Halogen Lamp H8/9/11/16 1



    Main Assembly Line (Post-Process)

    The Cell assembles Capsule with the Adapter, S-Ring, and Base, then X, Y, Z, C-axis Stage is aligned with light center and nominal dimension from center of the Base using a Servo Motor followed by Laser Welding and Ar Welding of the terminal.

    JINWOO ENGINEERING Halogen Lamp H8/9/11/16 2

    Cell dispenses Silicon to Ar Welded section of the Bulb Base and paint is coated on the top part of the Capsule, then the bulb undergoes Hot Blower, initiator, electric heater, and Gas Burner heat drying. 

    JINWOO ENGINEERING Halogen Lamp H8/9/11/16 3

    Final visual inspection of the H8 Bulb nominal dimension is conducted; caps are automatically fed into acceptable products for assembly; and Ink Pad Marking is then performed. 

    JINWOO ENGINEERING Halogen Lamp H8/9/11/16 4

    The L-Ring is automatically fed into the Bulb for assembly. 

    JINWOO ENGINEERING Halogen Lamp H8/9/11/16 5

    The completed Bulb of the Bulb is turned On for a specified amount of time then Watt, Current, and Resistance test is conducted to identify good quality products.
    The selected bulbs are then loaded into the finished product Tray. 

    JINWOO ENGINEERING Halogen Lamp H8/9/11/16 6

    In this Cell, the equipment Picks Up the finished Bulb using 5 hands of the 2-axis Cartesian coordinate robot and moves the bulb on to the Tray; the Tray is then transported to the BSF [Buffer Stock Feeder] for multi-layer stacking. 

    JINWOO ENGINEERING Halogen Lamp H8/9/11/16 7

    Product List

    IT Glass

    CNC Edge Grinder
    Glass Cutting System
    3D Heat Pressing Machine
    3D Glass Polishing Machine
    3D Glass to Film Laminating Machine


    Auto Stacker
    Tab Welder
    Can Cap Welder
    CID Ass'y Machine


    Layup & Bussing
    Solar Laminator

    Light Bulb

    Halogen Lamp
    Halogen Lamp

    Optic Film

    Film Laminator#1
    Film Laminator#2
    Film Auto Cutter

    Automative Assembly

    Torque Angle Sensor
    Ignition Coil
    Yoke Ass`y Machine

    Plasma Application

    AF Coater
    ARAF Coater
    ITO Coater
    Wiring Thin Film Coater For TSP
    AL Coater