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    EUGENE TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD provides innovative solutions that enable continued scaling of key semiconductor manufacturing processes while traditional semiconductor equipment makers face increasing limitations in the emerging nano technology era.

    EUGENE TECHNOLOGY, starting with novel 'Nitride' processes, and soon adding Poly and Oxide steps, became the only company providing 'Single Wafer' diffusion solutions. Our flagship product line, the 'Blue Jay System' has been in volume production on core Front End of Line (FEOL) processes at leading global for 5 years, meeting stringent quality, technology, and productivity requirements. We are also investing heavily in advanced research and development (R&D) to continually expand our 'Diffusion Solution Provider' product offerings.

    Launched with our own proprietary technology, we have grown rapidly to become a KOSDAQ listed company in only 6 years. By following our own unique path, we've built the EUGENE TECHNOLOGY of today on the strength of our employee's conviction and dedication, focus on quality, competence in R&D, and an in depth understanding of industry technology trends.

    As a dynamic, young and growing company, we'll continue to move towards our vision to become a Top 10 global equipment company by expanding our market share aggressively in 2017-8.

    EUGENE TECHNOLOGY is committed to pursuing semiconductor industry development with our leading technology, great partnerships with our customers, suppliers and investors, and with the determination of our people.

    42, Chugye-ro, Yangji-myeon, Cheoin-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    Product List


    Single Thermal LPCVD System
    BlueJay™ / BlueJay-e™
    Single Plasma Treatment System
    Plasma Enhanced ALD System
    Phoenix ™
    Multi-Stack SEG(Selective Epitaxial Growth) System
    Dry Cleaning System