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Slitting Machine



Slitting Machine

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제품 상세 설명

Slitting Machine

The Compact Slitter Machine is designed to give the highest efficiency as well as flexibility. Minimizing the set up time, the machine speed can run upto 500m/min to process perfect quality of the product.





 Standard Specification

 A. Variety of web
 - Film: LLDPE, CPP, OPP, PET, Nylon, Aluminum, PVC
 - Laminated film: 8um~150um
 - Paper: 20~80gsm

 B. Web width: Max. 1350 mm

 C. Guide roll width: Max. 1450 mm

 D. Slitting width: Min. 20 mm

 E. Slitting Speed: Max. 500m/min


The Compact and high performance of Slitter provides the easy operation and change over time to maximize the operator’s convenience. At time same time, it satisfies the customers who set high Value to productivity, flexibility and product quality with the working speed of 400m/min.



대표이사  박은철사업자등록번호  553-86-00664
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