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Wet Laminating Machine



Laminating Machine

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제품 상세 설명

Wet Laminating Machine

The most optimized and cost effective Wet Laminating Machine provides the outstanding performance in lamination, processing a wide range of aluminum and paper.

Machine Speed upto 300m/min
Working Speed 250m/min



Multi Technology Wet Laminator provides the most advanced technical solution, which maximize the product quality and machine productivity for Tobacco and Confectionary Industry. With the most advanced Web Tension Control System, it maintains the extremely low tolerance for a wide range of water based substrates with different properties and thickness. Hence, the machine can process a wide range of Aluminum foil and Paper.



MODEL : ILC – WL Series


1. 1st Unwinding Unit (AL-FOIL) : 1 set

2. Gravure Coating Unit: 1 Set

3. Laminating Unit : 1 set

4. 2nd Unwinding Unit (PAPER) : 1 set

5. Dryer & Heat Exchange Unit : 4 zone

6. Cooling Unit : 1 set

7. Rewinding Unit : 1 set

8. Operating Panel/Main Control Cabinet : 1 lot



1. Type : Wet Lamination, Gravure Coating.

2. Web
a) Metalize Polyester : 12 ~ 30 microns
b) AL-Foil : Min 6 ~ 7.5 microns (1st Unwinder)
c) Paper & Board : 80 ~ 280 gsm (2nd Unwinder)

3. Web Width: 600~1,500mm

4. Machine Speed : Max. 300 m/min

5. Working Speed : 250 m/min (Regular): 150 m/min (Board)

6. Guide Roll Width: Max. 1,600mm

7. 1st Unwinding Diameter : Max. ø600 mm

8. 2ND Unwinding Diameter : Max. ø1800 mm

9. Rewinding Diameter : Max. ø1800 mm

10.Type of Locking : Clamp Type.

* Specification can be adjustable depends on customer’s requirements



대표이사  박은철사업자등록번호  553-86-00664
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