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* Fully Automatic Computerized Control
* High-Speed jump & Head reworking
* Easy-to-use Operation 

* By using AC servomotor controlled by computer, feeding of material and stitchs are very accurate and change of design is simple. The sewing machine heads are controlled individually and make individual repairing possible when the thread has cut.
* As this machine use ROTARY HOOK instead of SHUTTLE as under thread, It produce high quality of production and increse the working speed
* By using 3-axies NC control system, The machine enables to set up the stitch length from 0.1-12.7mm. It stitchs material like embroidery machine andjump function.
* Autimatic lubrication system of sewing machine's head and rotary hook gives convenient maintenance and extend the machine's life.
* Each sewing machine head has specially organized thread cut detective sensor and it stops machine automatically in short when the thread cut. The lamp on sewing machine head show which thread cut.
* This machine has durable pressure foot and cnt quilt thick material. So, it can produce beat quility of production.
* This machine has jump function. So it can quilt various design pattern. AS the machine work continuosly when it excute jump function, It reduce the period of work.

* Saves machine memory in case of power failure, and preserves pattern memory when machine power is turn iff.
* Machine stops automatically and datails for the causes of stop are displayed on th CRT screen when ever there happens anormalities on computer, servo-motor and other parts. 

Technical Specifications

Wonchang Machinery Multi-Head Quilting Machine WSQ WSQ-323 WSQ-324 WSQ-343(344)
Max. Stitch area 2,432mm(96") 3,200mm(128") 2,684mm(3,400m/m)
Main spec. type of sewing 1 needle, straight lock stitch    
Presser foot Movement Special intermittently pressing system    
Sewing Speed 1000 SPM (Control by user)
Stitch Length 1-12.7 (Jump Control)    
Working Material Padding, Sponge(10mm) under Comfort & Application Product
Control System 3 axis, simultaneous numerical control system
Needle bar Stroke Standard 35m/m
Max 38m/m
Needle DP17x18(110),19(120)    
Rotary Hook HSM-A (Large Hook)    
Distance of Sewing Heads 76m/m - about 3" 100m/m-about 10" 76m/m(100m/m)
Number of Sewing Heads 32heads/Independent 32heads/Independent 34heads/Independent
Detecting Device Upper thread cut detecting    
Lubrication System Automatic lubrication    
Needle Jump Device Jump Solenoid(rotary) for each sewing heads    
Re-Working Automatic & each head manual opera-tion    
Pattern Memory Device Hard Disk(HDD)    
Main Body Dimension 4,600x895x1,750m/m 5,370x895x1,750m/m 323(324)
Net Weight 3,000Kg 3,500Kg 3,000Kg(3,500Kg)
Power Consumption 7.5Kw    
Ecectricity Power AC 3상 200V 50/60Hz    
Control Unit dimension 600x650x1,520mm    

- The above specification would be altered without notice.
- WSQ-343 & WSQ-344 is Special type machine.


Various Option

Wonchang Machinery Multi-Head Quilting Machine WSQ 1

Sanlpe & Design Pattern

Wonchang Machinery Multi-Head Quilting Machine WSQ 2


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