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* Fashionable patterns can be quilted in to the various types of bedding.
* A thick bed quilt, sponge and leather products can also be handled. 


* By using an AC servo-motor and NC system, patterns can be made precisely.
* Automatic lubrication system of the sewing M/C and rotary hook.
* Photoelectric sensor system that detects the breaks of upper sewing thread is installed.
* Preparation of a Semi-anfomatic preparation table.
* Programs can be stored in Hard disk. 

* Automatic Detection of a Thread Breakage
11This is carried out faultlessly by a photoelectric sensor and there's no additional repairing. 
* Safety Device
11M/C stops automatically and details for the causes of stop are displayed on the CRT screen whenever there It abnormalities on computer, servo-motor and or mainbody of M/C.
* 14" Color CRT Monitor
11By color monitor, Shows information on current process graphically and status message. (e.g., stitches number, coordinate value, etc.) 
* Built-in 3.5" Floppy Disk Drive
11For parameter storage of patterns, each disk can hole approximately 210,000 stitches. 
* Memory Backup
11Saves machine memory in case of power failure, and preserves pattern when machine power is turned off.
* Large Memory
11Stores up to 102,400 stitches, expandable to 409,600 stitches. 


* Scaling
11Enlarges or reduces the size of design verically or horizontally, independently from 50% to 200% by 1%.
* Floating
11Move the pantograph the design without sewing.
* Direct back to Origin
11Move back to start point of design with one key.
* Automatic Mending
11Automatically mends the portion of your pattern at which a problem occurs.
* Editing
11Corrects defective design or enhances existing design without repunching. The color CRT monitor allows you to edit quickly and accurately. 

Technical Specifications

Control System NC Simultaneous 2-Axis Control,
Linear/arc Interpolation
Motor AC Servo Motor
Type of Stitch One needle lock stich
Feeding Speed 0 ~ 240 mm/min ± 45%


Bobbin Big bobbin
Needle DB #18 ~ #23
Stitch Length 0.1 ~ 6.0 mm
Power Supply AC 220V 3Phase 50/60Hz 10A
Power Consumption 4Kw


Sanlpe & Design Pattern 

Wonchang Machinery Comfort Sewing Machine WQM-3000


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