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Speaker Fo/Ze Tester

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This device utilizes constant voltage measurement method and constant current measurement method to automatically measure the minimum resonant frequency (Fo), nominal impedance (Ze), and Qo. A new algorithm is applied in order to find the resonant frequency for sweeping a large bandwidth with quick and precise measurement. The result of the measurement can be collected from the PC, and the program can control the measuring instrument in real time. In the PC control program, the T/S option can be added to measure Thiels-Small parameter. 

Special Feature:

1. Quick automatic measurement is available due to the new algorithm for the measurement of the speaker’s Fo.
 2. You can select the measurement methods, constant voltage measurement method and constant current measurement method.
 3. You can set the passing ranges of Fo and Ze for pass/fail management.
 4. The statistics processing function calculates and gives the maximum value, minimum value, mean value, and the standard   deviation of the measured values.
 5. The set data of at most 100 models can be saved to be selected.
 6. Either linear or log values of the sweep method can be set for precise or wide range of bandwidth measurement, according to   the conditions.
 7. In case of constant voltage measurement (1V standard), the speaker impedance can be measured between 1Ω~20KΩ,   making the measurement of low impedance speaker to high impedance piezoelectric speaker.
 8. The measured data can be stored up to 2,000 units, and it is collected by the control program, to be saved or printed.
 9. The PC control program has configuration and measurement functions, and when option 2 is used, Thiel-Small parameter
   can be measured. 


1. A/D Converter : 24bit 2channer.
 2. DISPLAY : 480 X 272 4.2” TFT-LCD
 3. Interface Bus : USB 2.0
 4. Remote control interfaces : 9P D-Type Connector. I/O Signal-Start, Pass, Fail
 5. Main Power requirements : AC 220V 50/60Hz 50VA / OPTION : 110V
 6. DIMENSION : 250 (W) * 150 (H) * 320 (D) mm
 7. weight : 4kg 

Sigma Eltec  SG-2882A



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