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This instrument measures insulation between pin to pin, open wire, capacitance value of EAR-PHONE and Resistance of CONDENSER MICROPHONE and SPEAKER or condition of VOLUME etc in integration, and could be applied to add of pin, location and modification of circuit flexibly in the future.
 And besides, Setting and Change of DATA could be revised from A Personal Computer, and by means of USB communication, Data UP/Down load between Personal Computer and instrument (SG-2312A) are possible and the result of measurement Data is collected and stored by Personal Computer(hereafter PC) through USB port in real time.

Special Feature:

1. SWITCH FUNCTION TEST (ON Impedance, OFF Impedance are able to check)
 2. CONNECT CONDUCTIVITY TEST (Pin to Pin short wiring is able to check up to 6 pins)
 3. a. DETECTOR Resistance Value 2 Kinds TEST (Set Upper, Lower Limit values for QC)
 b. Capacitance value TEST (Set Upper, Lower Limit values for Quality Control in the ranges - 1000pF range 2   set, 
   1nF range 2 set, 100nF range 1 set)
 4. a. SHORT TEST (Testing Short Circuit between pin to pin, able to set Slow/Fast)
 b. ZENER DIODE TEST (Reverse fix and opened fix are able to check)
   (Remote Switches for MP3 etc are able to check up to 7 switches by setting control values of Upper/Lower   values) 
   * Hold key is able to test as well
   b. ESD Test (Condition of ESD device is checked by set Up/Lower impedance values) 
 6. CONDENSER MIC's Resistors Test, Current Test
   (Able to check PASS/FAIL Judgment, SHORT/OPEN or REVERSE FIX)
 7. SPEAKER VOICE COIL Resistance value TEST
   (Able to set Upper, Lower limit values for Right/Left independently, and able to check PASS/FAIL   Judgment, SHORT, OPEN)
 8. VOLUME Resistance value TEST
   (Max, Min Volume resistance values are able to check Upper/Lower limit value for QC)
 9. SPL test for Mic 
   (Test to be performed for 1kHz SPL by setting its' upper/lower limit - Option 001 Sound Source is required-) 
10. EXT. INSTRUMENT (Like Sweep Oscillator, SG-5223 etc) is able to connect for automatic test.
 11. MAX 200 Model's DATA are settable and able to Up/Down load through a PC.
 12. Keep the data-previous set Model and production quantity even turned off power.
 13. By set Repet. at the PC, each test item is tested repeatedly by the set value 
   (Able to check wiring   connectivity during a test)


1. CPU : Dual Micro Process
 2. DISPLAY : 40 × 4 LCD (LED Back Light)
 3. Power Requirements : AC110V / AC220V Free Volt (50Hz-60Hz)
 4. Dimensions : 310(W) × 260(D) × 120(H) 
 5. Weight : Aprox. 8Kg 

Sigma Eltec Ear Phone Tester SG-2312A


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