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This equipment is a measuring instrument displaying and enabling to print simultaneously the measurement results of the resonance point of CONE pager, which are automatically measured using a laser sensor with high resolution limit by driving a driver speaker utilizing constant voltage measurements and constant current measurement. It also can be conducted manually and provides feature to let the results be printed out. In addition, the information such as maximum, minimum, average and standard deviation values and CP, CPK and frequency distribution graph etc which are obtained through statistic and mathematic analysis and process of all measurement data, can be displayed and printed out at the same time. 

Special Feature:

1. It can print out the results by measuring CONE Pager automatically in a short period of time
 2. It can conduct measurements by setting up constant voltage measurements and constant current measurement 
 3. The values measured manually can be also printed out
 4. Sweep wide of automatic measurement frequency can be set up with allowance at +/-20% or +/-50% and 
    the allowance for the acceptable range can be automatically set at +/-20% or randomly adjusted.
 5. The maximum, minimum, average and standard deviation values and statistic and mathematic values of measurement 
    results (STD, CP, CPK) can be printed out
 6. Auto Printer function is optional
 7. The accuracy of the setting is excellent as the setting of constant voltage and constant current and Ze Frequency are 
    made in digital mode
 8. The frequency and voltage (current) set for the previous measurement are remained undeleted even after power is off
 9. The broad and narrow measurement can be conducted remotely from Laser Sensor Auto Position System


1. CPU : 16Bit Micro process
 2. DISPLAY : 40 * 4 LCD (LED Back Light)
 3. Power Requirements : AC220V (50Hz-60Hz)
 4. Dimensions : 930(W) * 1310(H) * 800(D) mm 


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