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Durability Test System

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This measurement equipment is used in testing the reliability of micro speaker.
 A built-in source noise signal is a digital one, with high repeat stability. The measuring voltage is set automatically. The measurement results are recorded a computer in real time. It guarantees easy analysis of speaker capacity, as all the measurement data (RMSV, CURRENT, W) are recorded in it.
Special Feature:

1. Speaker power monitor SP-6010 allows you to control all functions in the Window environment by connecting with a PC.
    It also displays measurement results and saves the result as a file. 
 2. As the reference signals are used for setting voltage, it is very swift and accurate.
 3. It has high expandability and stability as a compact flash memory card is adopted to store various signal sources.
 4. The upper and lower limit in detecting current is automatically set in proportion to the voltage given once the percentage 
    value is keyed in. 
 5. By increasing the voltage periodically until the speaker is destructed, you can test the max. voltage and record it. 
 7. The data collected and recorded 2 minutes before occurrence of Fail/Stop/End has 1 seconds collecting and 
    recording interval. 
 8. If the power is reconnected after the power failure in the middle of measurement, the measurement continues 
    the process from the moment of power failure. 



1.Interface Bus
    Interface Bus. (USB2.0)
 2.Signal Source
    Sine Wave = 1kHz (Reference) 
    Noise =White. Pink
    Filter = JIS, DIN, IHF, EIAJ(SN-1), EIAJ(SN-2), EIA-426-B
    Clipper   ①Crest factor = 6dB(2:1)
                ②Crest factor = 10dB(3:1)
 3.Speaker Max Input Durability Test Mode 
    Step ON/OFF=1Sec~99Hours.
    Step Levels(Auto)= Start Level~Stop Level
    Step Number=2~30Step
 4.Multi-Channel Time Current Limit
    Time ON/OFF=1Sec~10Hours.Duty
    Setting Time=1Min~1000Hours
    Setting Current=0.001A~10.00A
    Setting Volts=0.01V~100V RMS (QD-4240=15V Max)
    Max Power Test=200W
 5.Power Requirements
    Line Voltage = 220V 50/60Hz
    Power Consumption = 160W
    600 (W) * 1378(H) * 650 (D) mm



Sigma Eltec  ST-3000A


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