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This signal analyzing equipment enables us to conduct a simultaneous measurement for frequency response generated from loudspeaker, SPL, Impedance, Fo, Ze, THD, Phase, polarity, rub & buzz, and C-Mic. High-frequency signal analysis offers even more accurate testing and identification of Rub&Buzz than existing hearing tests. The algorithm of signal analysis applied to this device allows to detect even minute rub & buzz due to its innovative and new method. In addition, this device provides the optimized environment for the inspection of ear-phone products, since it can control the frequency properties and sensitivity of C-Mic which is embedded in ear-phone products. The 4-stage defect setting enables even more in-depth assessment. 

Special Feature:

1. Simultaneous measurement and assessment of Frequency Response (SPL), Impedance, Fo, Ze, THD, Phase, Polarity, and Rub&Buzz.
 2. High performance SNR>100dB.
 3. Sampling rate up to 48kHz
 4. Auto calibration : Microphone. Output voltage. 
 5. 4-stage pass/fail grade setting and management
 6. Self-test supported for the hardware system 
 7. Computer-controlled operation Fast, hot plug USB interface.
 8. Records measurement data in a file, calculate and conduct statistical processing (SPC) regarding the Avg, Min, Max, Cp, and Cpk of SPL, Fo, Ze, THD (4-point), Rub & Buzz (4-point).
 9. Can perform remote control through the Internet.
 10. Easy document printing in MS Word or Excel file (text format only)
 11. MIC Pre-Amp, Conditioning Amp, Power Amp System control. Remote control.
 12. The existing standard microphone (B&K) can be used without any change, since the input terminal has the structure of standard LEMO 7-pin connector
 13. The dual input and output terminals of speaker allow inspection of a stereo set with one time measurement. With separated input and output terminals installed for inspection of C-Mic, inspection of microphone-embedded earphone is possible.

Option-01A : Once connected to the automation system, outputs separate signals divided into 4 classes of pass or fail for all measurement items. 


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