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Loudspeaker Test Oscillator

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This Tester Oscillator is used in performing an audible inspection for Rub&Buzz generated from loudspeaker. This equipment works at the auto and manual sweep modes and has a high capacity to classify Rub&Buzz due to its unique low THD.
 This equipment provides the optimized environment for inspecting Rub&Buzz due to its function of sweeping out at a time all the frequency range within the bandwidth of audio frequency. It has a function to inspect polarity in it, and the test of sweep can be made in link with that of polarity. It has an embedded circuit with high output, which is used in testing a speaker with low impedance. A built-in high-power circuit for testing a low-impedance (2 Ohm) speaker.

Special Feature:

1. As power amplifier is embedded, you can drive a speaker directly.
 2. As it has a low THD of sweep oscillator, it is suitable for testing Rub&Buzz.
 3. You can make an accurate setting of start frequency, end frequency and its cycle in the auto sweep mode.
 4. A timer-type protection circuit is embedded in order to protect the output terminal from short circuit.
 5. Remote control method is used in operating it both in sweep mode and in polarity mode. (Foot S/W)
 6. You can drive directly a speaker with 2 ohm of low impedance.
 7. When an optional filter is attached, the output may come only from the restricted frequency bandwidth.

Option Filter:

Band Pass Filter


1. Frequency Range : 10Hz ~ 30KHz
 2. Total Harmonics Distortion (THD) : 0.08% (at 1KHz)
 3. Level Flatness : +/-0.07dB (at 20Hz to 20KHz)
 4. RMS Power : 2 ohm/50W, 4 ohm/20W, 8 ohm/20W
 5. Power Requirements : 220V 50/60Hz
 6. Dimensions : 308[W] × 140[H] × 302[D] mm 
 7. Weight : Approx. 8Kg


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