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    About Supplier

    Founded in 1991, Shonics is doing business in image processing industry, developing advanced vision technology and applying it to the inspection and assembly machines for various industry.

    In recent years, for the display industry advancing day after day, Shonics is supplying mainly assembling and inspection machines used for manufacturing TV,Monitor, Mobile Devices to  major display companies in Korea and abroad.

    The inspection and assembly integrated machines, which are developed in 2013 by Shonics cutting edge vision and alignment technology, are used for producing BLU, Cell, Module in LCD and OLED Display production processes.

    Since 2007, Shonics has supplied the auto inspection machines to major LCD company in Korea, From 2010 our products are increasingly delivered to abroad display companies in China and Thai and are operating successfully in mass production stage.
    Thanks to our customers' continued attention and support, Shonics awarded '10 million Dollar Tower of Export ' from Korean Government in 2014.

    Shonics will continue pursuing the way to enable our customers improve the productivity and enhance the quality of their products.
    We and Shonics will always be faithful to and be loved by customers with our effort and technology.

    26-22, Gadong-gil, Seonghwan-eup, Seobuk-gu, Cheonan-si, Chungcheongnam-do, Korea

    Product List


    BLU Inspection System for Mobile
    BLU Inspection System for TV & Monitor
    BLU In-line Assembly Machine
    FPCB & LGP Assembly Machine
    SNS-214S1 05
    BLU SUB Assembly Machine
    SNS-214S2 05
    BLU Main Assembly Machine
    SNS-214MS 05


    LCD Cell Inspection System for TV & Monitor
    LCD Cell Inspection System for Mobile
    SNS-2135 CMT, SNS-21437 CMT
    LCD Module Inspection Machine for Mobile (3”~7”)
    SNS-21437 CMTC
    OLED Inspection Machine for TV

    F/A & Vision Solution

    High-Accuracy Alignment for positioning
    Application Field
    Roll to Roll Inspection System
    Touch Panel Window Inspection System
    Cover Glass Inspection System
    Solar Cell Inspection System