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  • Security · Safety

    A leading manufacturer of IP camera, Video Server and Zoom module
    Motorcycle helmet manufacturer for more than a decade in form of OEM production
    Vision Information
    Camera Manufacturer, Dome Network Camera, Vehicle number plate detection system
    Woori Fire Protection industrial
    Optical Sensor Linear Detection System manufacturer, optical sensor relate, Optical sensor linear detector, optical sensor bracket
    Video Surveillance system manufacturer, controller, Pan Tilt, Fog Penetration multi changer
    Cor-Rel technology
    Pipeline integrity assessment, corrosion diagnosis and failure analysis system, safety IoT Monitoring system
    Chang Sung Ace
    Specialized in special firefighting and disaster prevention system, flame detector, temperature controller, thermal imaging fire dection camera and more
    Manufacturer of low location lighting and signage for ship, onshore & offshore plant
    Dong Bang Marine
    Manufacturer of fire detection & alarm system, external Fi-Fi, Water Mist, Deck foam for shipbuilding industry
    Safety equipment manufacturer, head protection, fall protection, helmet and more
    Manufacturer of Underwater Camera, CCTV, CATV,
    Onnuri Plan
    DUST Mask and Gas Mask Manufacturer, DUST and GAS Mask, Disposable Mask
    Industrial Gas Detector Manufacturer, Portable Gas Detector, Gas Sensor and more
    Real Vision Technology
    CCTV manufacturer
    Yeongjin Flexoble Ind.
    Expansion joint, Sprinkler head, Flexible hose, Water hammer arrestor
    Xtron I & T
    CCTV, Medical and Industrial Product
    Woori Fire Fighting Truck
    Fire fighting car manufacturer, Fire fighting pump car, Chemical, Rescue vehicle, Ladder vehicle
    Daemyung WEBGATE
    HD SDI DVR, Camera manufacturer, HD CCTV solution
    Security Recording Solution, Professional CCTV Camera, CCTV Observation System, CB Radio, PMR
    CCD, CIS, CCM, Surveillance and detection camera, Semi conductor about imaging and more