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    About Supplier

    As a manufacturer of top class flow & level instruments in Korea, we are devoting our energy into R&D and manufacturing of high quality products, obtaining of the control measurement technology in global level, have been being supplied our products and technologies to the government and public institution and major company such as KHNP, KOGAS, K water, etc. in the basis of high reliability and high quality certification.

    We have been expanded the market to advanced countries such as USA and Germany, are paying more attention for export to overseas countries, in deed as well as in name, it is growing to this day as a pioneer in technology industry of state-of-the-art instrumentation and control from the 40 years history.

    A lot of experience, our all executives and staff members are practice with continuous technological innovation and sense of duty for localization research and development, and it is future technology company that overcome the difficulties in the fierce international competition and prepare, and also for a healthy and substantial development of strategic.

    It also set 2020 as a leap year, is committed to the customers and inventories and national competitiveness as the goal World Hitrol, a true technology-based business.

    141, Palhakgol-gil, Jori-eup, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    Product List

    Level Instrument

    Magnetic Flap Level Gauge
    HLG-100F Series, HLG-100F, HLG-100FT, HLG-100FS
    Tank Level Gauge
    HLT-1000 Series, HLT-1110, HLT-1210, HLT-1112
    Vibration Type Level Switch
    HTM-930 Series, HTM-930, HLC-901L, HLC-901P
    Vibration Type Level Switch
    HTM-30N Series, HTM-30N, HTM-30N-Ex
    Vibration Type Level Switch
    HTM-20N Series, HTM-20N-A, HTM-20NH-A, HTM-20N-B, HTM-20NH-B, HTM-20N-C, HPV-20N-A, HPV-20NH-A, HPV-20N-B, HPV-20NH-B
    Radio Frequency Type Level Switch
    HCC-96RF Series, HCC-96RF-C, HCC-96RF-CH, HCC-96RF-S, HCC-96RF-R, HCC-96RF-RH, HPC-96RF-R, HLC-96RF-R, HLC-96RF-RA
    Capacitance Type Level Switch
    HCC-95P Series, HCC-95P, HCC-95PW, HCC-95PH, HCC-95PWH, HCC-95P-Ex, HCC-95PW-Ex, HCC-95PH-Ex, HCC-95PWH-Ex, HPC-95P, HPC-95PW, HPC-95PH, HPC-95PWH
    Float Type Level Switch
    HM-12(10) Series, HM-10, HM-12S, HM-12H, HM-12H-Ex, HM-12D, HM-12H-SP, HM-12H-SP-Ex, HM-12H-L, HM-12H-L-Ex
    Float Type Level Switch
    HM-95 Series, HM-95, HM-95-Ex, HM-95H, HM-95H-Ex, HM-95V, HM-95V-Ex, HM-95VH, HM-95VH-Ex
    Displacer Type Level Switch
    HM-90(30) Series, HM-90, HM-90-Ex, HM-90H, HM-90H-Ex, HM-30
    Float Type Level Switch
    HR-30 Series, HR-30S, HR-30SH, HR-30S-Ex, HR-30SH-Ex, HR-30C, HR-30CH, HR-30C-Ex, HR-30CH-Ex, HR-30V, HR-30V-Ex, HR-30T, HR-30TH, HR-30T-Ex, HR-30TH-Ex
    Capacitance Type Level Transmitter
    HT-100CT Series, HT-100CT, HT-100CTH, HT-100CTW, HT-100CTWH, HT-100CT-2, HT-100CTH-2, HT-100CTW-2, HT-100CTWH-2
    Hydrostatic Pressure Type Level Transmitter
    HT-100P Series, HT-100PT, HT-100PS
    Float Type Level Transmitter
    HT-100F Series, HT-100F, HT-100FI
    Float Type Level Transmitter
    HT-100R Series, HT-100RS, HT-100RSH, HT-100RS-Ex, HT-100RSH-Ex, HT-100RV, HT-100RV-Ex, HT-100RT, HT-100RTH, HT-100RT-Ex, HT-100RTH-Ex

    Flow Instrument

    Averaging Pitot Tube
    HAPT Series
    Venturi Tube
    HVT Series
    Flow Nozzle
    HFN Series
    HOP Series, HOR Series, HOF Series, HRO Series
    Cone Meter
    HFV Series, HFV-0015, HFV-0020, HFV-0025, HFV-0040, HFV-0050, HFV-0065, HFV-0080, HFV-0100, HFV-0150, HFV-0200, HFV-0250, HFV-0300, HFV-0350, HFV-0400, HFV-0500, HFV-0600, HFV-0700, HFV-0750, HFV-0800, HFV-0900