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  • Lab · Test Equipment

    Measurement Technology Company, Weather Transmitter, Pressure Sensors, Air Quality Monitoring, Lightning Detection and more
    Gas detector supplier, portable gas detector, Fixed Gas Detector and gas monitoring system for vessel
    Test Equipment manufacturer, IRHD Hardness Tester, Rheometer, Viscometer, Tensile Tester, Sample cutter and more
    Material testing machine manufacturer, universal testing machine, sample preparation machine, abrasion test machine
    Myungji Tech
    Polymer Test equipment manufacturer and rheometer, viscometer, universal testing machine
    YL Instrument
    Physics and chemistry analysis instrument manufacturer, GC, HPLC, Experimental pure and ultra pure manufacturing device
    Environmental testing equipment manufacturer, Thermo hygrostat, Thermal shock, Dust tester
    Woosun Control
    New renewable energy, Electrical machine, Electronics, Automatic control, Hydraulic pneumatic experimental equipment, Micro processor
    Ssaul Bestech
    Polisher, Grinder, Mounting press, Cutting machine, Sandpapering, Mounting powder, Sample processing equipment
    Sungmin Instruments
    Measurement tester about cable, High frequency spark tester, AC spark tester, Laser external diameter measuring equipment
    Sigma Eltec
    Tester, Measuring equipment, Oscillator, Analyzer and Generator manufacturer
    Shin Gang Precision
    Relaxation tester, PC Prestressing strand tester, Fatigue tester and Endurance tester manufacturer
    Segye Scientific
    Manufacturer of physics testing equipment, measurement, scale, oscilloscope, bridge, generator and more
    Compressed Gas Cylinder, Leak Tester, Defense Industry Equipment, Durability/Function Tester, Drop/Shock Tester and more
    Contact Angle, Surface Tension & Dynamic Contact Angle, Thermal Conductivity, Karl Fishr Moisture Analyzer
    Samjin Unichem
    Laboratory Equipment manufacturer for Chemical and Environmental
    Sam Bo Scientific
    Particle size analyzer, Zeta potential measuring equipment, Image analyzer, Particle counter, Rubber tester, Paper tester, Porosity measuring machine
    MJ LTD
    Laboratory animal breeding equipment, Thermo hygrostat, Sterilizer, Ultrasonic clean system
    Pure / Ultra pure water manufacturing device, Scientific equipment, Physical and chemical equipment
    Kast Engineering
    Testing machine manufacturer, Coil winding products, Hipot tester, Surge tester, Test equipment and more