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Product Name
Model BP-101A
Series Filter
Product Description


This instrument is used in attenuating the frequency property of noise signal into -12dB/Oct, the signal of which is used to test the reliability of loudspeaker.
Special Feature:

1. It has a filter with -12dB/Oct of attenuation capacity in it. 
 2. As the filter consists of high pass filter(HPF) and low pass filer(LPF), the combination of both may create band pass filter
 3. It has a function to set variable frequency up to maximum 10. 
 4. It has an embedded function to set crest factor with its initial value of 10dB 


1. High Pass Filter: -12dB/Oct Cut Off Frequency
    =100Hz,200Hz,300Hz,400Hz,500Hz,600Hz,700Hz,800Hz,900Hz,Filter Off
 2. Low Pass Filter : -12dB/Oct Cut Off Frequency
    =1KHz,2KHz,3KHz,4KHz,5KHz,6KHz,7KHz,8KHz,9KHz,Filter Off
 3. Crest Factor : Peak/Rms=2 [10dB]
 4. Dimensions : 95 (H) x 250 (W) x 310 (D) mm
 5. Weight : approx 5 kg
 6. Power Requirements : AC 110V/220V 10% 50/60Hz 

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