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It peacefully wonders around in busy city.

Shin Han Moving walk applies the novel, popular and very innovative streamline design.
It grandly, peacefully and gracefully safeguards every corner in the city.
It busily conveys various passengers. It keeps low key.
It always plays a costar for the building.
While its great strength transport capacity shows the advanced technology,
the reliable transport, the comfortable travel.
Moving Walk fulfills the safe, energy-saving, environment-protection,
low carbon green running by the innovative technology that leads the elevator industry.
It boosts the sustainable city developments.

- Compact structure, the larger design freedom

Shin Han Moving walk applies short tread design.
Thanks to sharply reduced space span as well as the more compact structure, it can saves more and more space for the building.
It creates the vast generality and flexibility. It can easily be harmonized with various buildings.

Shin Han Elevator Moving Walk

Moving Walk

Shin Han Elevator Moving Walk  1

페달 폭 (Pedal width)1000800
서포트 빔 중심간의 폭 (Quantitu of center support beam L4)600010000600010000
서포트 반력 값
(Support opposite force)
모터용량/정격 전류
(Motor capacity/Rate current)
컨베이너 길이
(Conveyor length L)
 컨베이너 길이
(Conveyor length L)
Technical notes
각도 (Dip angle α)0-6˚
속도 (Speed V)0.5m/s
페달 타입 (Pedal type)Aluminium alloy (Indoor/Half outdoor/Complete outdoor)
페달 폭 (Pedal width A)1000800
핸드레일 중심간 폭 (Handrail center distance B)12381038
무빙워크 외경의 폭 (Moving walk outside width C)16001400
기계 서포트 빔 길이 (Machine supporting beam length D)≥1660≥1460
설치장소/구동모드 (Installation Place/drive mode)Length L1
옥내용 (Indoor/star delta)40004000
옥내용 (Indoor/frequency)4600
준옥외용 (Semi-outdoor/stardelta)
준옥외용 (Semi-outdoor/frequency)4600
옥외용 (Outdoor/star delta)4000
옥외용 (Outdoor/frequency)4600
전원 공급 (Power supply)

1.User needs to supply 380V AC 50Hz three-phase five-wire power supply.

2.Voltage should ≤10 when moving walk at the start and the voltage should be ≤5 in nomal operation.

3.Maximum stsrting current should less than 3.5times of rated current

- When the operating environment temperature under 0˚ (outdoor or semi-outdoor) need increase heater.

- Sufficient unblocked space is needed at entrance and ewit of moving walk and the width should be the center distance at least.
The depth(from handrail turn end) should be 2.5m at least, this area width should more than two times of the handrail center distance, the depth can be reduced to 2m.

- If have the pit should have waterproofing work(self-care by user).

- The distance between moving walk and any barrier should ≥500, or the Triangle place of handrail and floor should install protecting board(self-care by user).

- User provide power supply and earth connection equipment with resistance less than 4 ohm, it should leave two meters left margin line under the upper supporting beams, motor capacity according to lift form.

- Luminance at least should be 50Lx at entrance and exit of indoor moving walk, luminance at least should be 15Lx at entrance and exit of outdoor and semi outdoor (self-care by user).

- If the middle supporting beam use steel frame structure, please ask Shin Han Elevator Company for advice.

- Two sides and bottom decoration of moving walk self-care by user.


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