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    Cobot Tool Changer
    Cobot Tool Changer

    Product Description

    Magbot Automatic Tool Changer,
    a new standard for automatic tool changer of Cobots

    TCV2 is a super-fast, super-simple, and super-powerful automatic tool changer compatible with all UR robots and with a max payload of 16Kg (35lbs).



    The UR robot that uses various tools provides optimum solutions for automatic multiprocessing.

    This is a super-easy tool changer that uses magnetic switching technology; it has eliminated the need for complicated pneumatics cables for pneumatic (air pressure) and uses the UR system’s power momentarily only when changing tools and not for processes following the tool operating.

    Provides the competitive price for various tool-side tool changers and scalability (in terms of customer cost value because customers have to use various tool-side tool changers based on manipulating tools’ quantities).

    Magnetic Gripper,
    added super value for our customers


    The Magbot tool changer can also be used as a magnetic gripper for delivering ferromagnetic items weighing up to max 16Kg (35lbs).

    It completely replaces vacuum systems and grippers that are otherwise needed for transferring rough surfaced or thin-filmed ferromagnetic items.

    This product is essential and perfect for making your robot smart, automatic and unmanned because of its increased customer value through maximizing Robot ROI (return on investment) through the cost saved on not having to buy expensive separate transfer systems and time saved during the tool changing process.

    Features & Interface

    TCV2 is compatible with UR CB Series (UR3 UR5 UR10) & UR e-Series (UR3e UR5e UR10e UR16e), and uses the UR robot system’s power only for 0.2 seconds for speedily and automatically changing tools.

    Automatic Tool Changer Features

    • An automatic, compact, moderately weighted, powerful magnetic switching automatic tool coupling system.

    • Super-fast; automatic quick changing of tools within 0.2 seconds.

    • Super-simple; simple operating system powered by the UR robot system’s power (24V@2A) without using any complicated pneumatic lines.

    • Super-strong; Magnetic tool’s holding force with 3 times the safety factor.

     Magnetic Gripper Features

    • Powerful loading force transferring ferromagnetic items of up to 16kg (35lbs).

    • Transferring various types of ferromagnetic parts or products from thin film that is 0.5mm or thicker to rough surfaced products .

    How does it work?


    TCV2 consists of a robot-side tool changer(mRSTC) and tool-side tool changer(mTSTC);

    Tool-side Tool Changer is connected to various tools (end effectors) in advance and seated on a tool stand(mTS)and the Robot-side Tool Changer is run by the UR robot system’s power (24V@2A for using only 0.2sec) where a completely automatic tool change system is possible via the URcap program.

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    Cobot Tool Changer

    Cobot Tool Changer
    Cobot Tool Changer
    Cobot Tool Changer