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    Magbot, Leading Robot Industry as Core of 4th Industrial Revolution
    The new standard of Robot Automatic Tool Changer
    The World 1st completely wireless automatic tool changer, Magbot

    Magbot, robot automatic tool changer, is the world's first fully wireless changing system.

    A single robot requires various robot end-effectors (tools) to provide multi-processing and services; thus, an automated robotic tool changer is essential to change the tools automatically.

    Magbot, an automated robotic tool changer, offers an ultra-simple changing system based on ultra-fast, ultra-powerful switching magnetic technology.
    It is recognized with the top quality with strong durability (drop, bump, vibration) and high reliability (high & low temperature, high humidity, waterproof, dustproof).

    Along with the world's first fully wireless robot tool changer of TCW1, the wired tool changer of TCV1 with a payload of 10Kg and TCV2 with a payload of 16Kg are ultra-simple operating system by using the power system (24V 2A) of the collaborative robot without the external power system.

    The price competitive Magbot tool plate (Tool-side Tool Changer) for the expansion of various tools for automated and unmanned robot system ensures strong scalability.

    Magbot provides innovative value to customers by expanding the application to the magnetic gripper for the pick and place process, in addition to the robot automatic tool changing function.

    350-27, Gumi-daero, Gumi-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do

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    Cobot Tool Changer

    Cobot Tool Changer
    Cobot Tool Changer
    Cobot Tool Changer