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Air Cooled Condenser & Coil

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Feature of the Kyung Dong R&H Co., LTD. condenser

■ IV-TYPE (Low sound level) 

KyungDong R&H Feature

■ M-TYPE (For small, middle condensing unit) 

KyungDong R&H Feature  1

■ V-TYPE (Excellent structure of air-flow) 

KyungDong R&H Feature  2

1.Expert dfforts to the low sound level 
- Requires the discussion with us when installation of the low noise region such as a residential street and is available to below 40-50dB 
2.Superiority of the cooling capacity 
- Enough Fin transfer Area per capacity Over 10㎡/RT 
3.Designed &Manufactured with consideration of the maximum load 
- Exrerior temp of the Designing:38℃ 
4.Designed &Manufactured with reflection of the pollution and dust 
- Using of the Corrugated fin, Fin pitch:2.5-3mm 
5.Designed &Manufactured with consideration of the cleaning-up and Finlife 
- Fin thickness:Over 0.3t, Using of the painted fin in the contaminated area 
6.Requires the discussion with us when installation of the intense contaminated area such as seaside, waste water disposal place etc. 
- Anticorrosive painted to the welding part 

Feature of Air Guide on the Fan side (Over 150m/m)

KyungDong R&H Feature  3

Increase Heater dfficiency by the longer discharging of Air after Heat Exchange together with the Mixing of thesurrounded air and with no resuction into side of the coil. 


KyungDong R&H Feature  4KyungDong R&H Feature  5

KyungDong R&H Feature  6

- MTD(MED) : Log mean temperature difference (Log Mean Enthalpy Difference) 
- HTC : Heat Transfer Coefficient 
- ROW : Designed ROW 
- F.A : Face Area  
- Ht : Capacity(kcal/h) 

■ Attention matters of the coil designing 

1. Please multiply 1.35-1.05 to row on the actual row selection  
2. transit air-velocity of the coil are reasonable for 2.0-3.0m/s 
3. Water flowing-velocity of cold&hot coil are reasonable for 0.8-1.2m/s 
4. Please choose appropriate value of the transfer coefficient 
5. Please standardize air-velocity is 2.5m/s on the F.A setting up 

※ Please feel free to cntact with us when you requirde coil designing 

 Value for the Heater Transfer coefficient of other coils 

 KyungDong R&H Feature  7


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