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Freon Unit Cooler

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About KYUNG DONG R&H Co.,Ltd. 
1.We have a plentiful manufacturing experience of Unit cooler for 22 years since 1977.  

2.Abundance of refrigeration equipment and Unit cooler instrument equipment. 
- Cariety of desiging in accordance with refrigeration load. 

3.Apply adcanced manufacturing control 
- Consistent production quality control system obtained by the certificate of I.S.O 9002 

4.Product improvement and design are capable of numerous engineer. 

5.Make best dfforts to develop new products with the endless test. 

6.Endless dfforts for the development of new technology 
- Introduced technology of the japanese cooler maker 

7.Being advanced and high dfficiency of quality 
1) Increase dfficiency by the development of the defrost decive(Patent No.129519, No.120899) 
2) Apply decive for the defrost dfficiency enlargement(Ecample:Damper, Hood etc.) 
3) Select hood device at the discharge inlet 
4) Apply to high-grade of the Fan Motor-IP54(for AXIAL) 
5) Advanced of axial fan ("NOVENCO" Made by GERMANY) 
6) Maximize the dfficiency by the direct expansion Distributor(below 1% defect) 
7) Long Lasting Trust for Over 10 years 
- 3 year warranty 
- Raw Material of Casing sheet:Galvarium 1.2t (AL+Galvanized plating sheet) 
8) Developed -60℃ Unit Cooler (for Dual Refrigeration) 
- Supplied about 30 sets of the Unit Cooler 

New Product 
■ Apply acicular fin (Refrigeration) for small, middle size (S-type)
   -Increasing of the heat Transfer efficiency 

KyungDong R&H Feature
1.Expedite the turbulence of passing air to the radiating plate 
2. Increase heat transfer efficiency by the reduction of the radiating plare rhickness 
3. Increasing of the heat transfer dffect by direct touching and air on the encirons of tube. 


CEO  Charlie ParkCorporate #  553-86-00664
(Post 17015) 1101ho ,16-4, Dongbaekjungang-ro 16beon-gil, Giheung-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea

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