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Patient Table

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Product Description

The Elevating Radiographic Table is designed for general purpose radiography and is ideally suited for modern hospitals, urgent care centers, clinics and private practices.
Built to demanding hospital-quality duty standards, the Elevating Radiographic Table will provide years of trouble-free operation.
Effortless patient positioning is achieved with the four-way float top table and a variable table top height that provides smooth, quick up and down motion. The ease of positioning elderly, non-ambulatory or casted patients results in substantially increased patient throughput.

Specifications data
Dimensions 2200 x 806 x 515 (86.6 in. x 31.7 in. x 20.3 in.)
Power Requirement

120VAC or 200~240VAC,

50/60Hz, 1000VA

Floating Table Top Electric magnet brake with foot switch
Patient Load 300 kgs

1) Transverse Stroke: ±105 mm (±4.1 in.)

2) Longitudinal Stroke: ±450 mm (±17.7 in.)

3) Height Stroke: 515~815 mm (20.2 ~ 32.1 in.)

-Specifications subject to change without notice.

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