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    기업 정보

    APTC was founded with a purpose to produce the world-class semiconductor processing equipment.

    APTC is focused on engineering and technology for plasma-related semiconductor processing equipment. Despite its short history, APTC has made a significant progress including 300mm etchers, plasma doping system and LED etcher.

    In light of a multidisciplinary area that requires for the processing equipment, APTC aims to combine all areas of engineering. Starting with etchers, APTC aspires to be the worldwide leader in semiconductor processing equipment. The semiconductor processing equipment will naturally have a significant impact on the related industries such as materials processing, vacuum technology and RF engineering, etc.

    경기도 이천시 마장면 서이천로 58-47 (이치리)

    생산 제품


    Dry Etch System
    TSV Etcher
    Plasma Doping System, APIS
    Plasma Sawing System
    LED Etcher