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Product Name Fingerprint Recognition PC Peripherals
Series Biometrics
Product Description


SecuGen iD-SERIAL™ is a nextextext-generation system designed for integration into applications such as Point of Sale(POS) terminals and Time and Attendandance(T&A) tracking stations or any other application where a serial interface is preferred.
The iD-SERIAL incorporates SecuGen's stand-alone SDA03M™ module, featuring a ruggedized, high image quality SDOPP03M fingerprint optic module and an on-board processor.
In addition to fingerprint enrollment, matching and storage capabilities, the iD-SERIAL includes SecuGen's high speed SecuSearch™ fingerprint identification algorithm for extremely fast 1:N search capabilities.
The iD-SERIAL has an RS-232 interface and uses an RJ-22 modular jack for maximum flexibility in cable configurations.
The iD-SERIAL also includes the Auto -On™ Automatic Finger Detection function, An external power supply is included with each unit.
The serial interface communication speeds up to 460800 BPS. 

Integrat of the SecuGen iD-SERIAL into any application can be facilitated by iD-SERIA Developer's Kit, which is sold separately.

Possible Application

- Point of Sale
- Time and Attendance
- Fingerprint Enrollment Station



Product Name


Typical Applications

Point of Sale (POS), Time & Attendance, Any fingerprint application requiring aserial interface

Additional Features


Samsung S3C2440 400MHz


32MB NAND Flash

User Capacity

3,000 users (1:1 or 1:N)

Fingerprint Capture Time

0.3 sec

Minutiae Extraction Time

0.4 sec

Matching Time

0.1 sec (1:1), 0.2 sec (1:N)

Supply Voltage

3.3V DC regulated

Current Consumption (max)

120 mA (idle) / 320 mA (operating)

Image Resolution

500 PPI

Image Size

260 x 300 pixels

Effective Sensing Area

13.2 mm x 15.2 mm

Communication Speed

1200 ~ 460800 BPS (Serial RS232 Level)
1200 ~ 460800 BPS (Serial TTL Level)

Operating Temperature

-20°C ~ 65°C

Operating Humidity

90% or less RH, noncondensing

Dimensions (W x L x H)

88 mm x 140 mm x 67 mm

Weight (approx.)

190 g

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