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    About Supplier

    SWIKO, the next-generation company of automatic control equipment with professional talent and know-how

    SWIKO is a manufacturer of industrial automatic control equipment, founded in May 2020, and launched the brand SWIKO based on professional technology, 30 years of product know-how, and professional sales force.


    SWIKO pursues newness.

    In order to grow into the next-generation leader in the domestic and overseas industrial automatic control equipment market, we will strive to develop new products and endless technology beyond the existing format.


    SWIKO promises stable quality.

    We promise to grow into a company that can realize the impression of our customers with stable and innovative quality based on customers' interest and trust.

    13, Samjak-ro 143beon-gil, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    Product List

    Hoist Switch

    Hoist Switch 10 Button
    Hoist Switch

    Panel Lamp

    LED Panel Lamp
    SP-10V(M), SP-20V(M), SP-30V(M), SP-50V(M), SP-10D(M), SP-20D(M), SP-30D(M), SP-50D(M)

    Foot Switch

    Foot Switch
    SF-10, SF-20

    Lift Switch

    Lift Switch

    Wing-body Switch

    Wing-body Switch
    SW-50B, SW-50D