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▶ Sorter System


We are improving competitiveness by introducing logistics automation facilities to reasonably control the increase in transport and classification expenses caused by increase in the volume of logistics. 
Especially in places where large quantity of products come and go such as logistics and distribution centers, sorting system and management system can be introduced to reduce logistics ehandling xpense and management expense at the same time. Logistics system of our company selects highly reliable devices and employs a program appropriate for the purpose to boast accuracy of controlling conveyor system operation, as well as data input, transfer, processing and output for high speed sorting. We will also improve productivity of your company by suggesting a unique system that satisfies diverse demands of consumers. 


→ Linear induction motor employed to embody low noise and maintenace free 
→ Stable operation by distributed arrangement 
→ High sorting ability (multiple induction, multiple input) 
→ Non-contact operation for silence 
→ 3-dimensional lay-out for efficiency use of space 
→ Beautiful appearance from the use of Al land resins for major parts 

→ Auto sorting with high performance 
    - High speed, silence and stability realized by linear induction motor 
    - Induction arranged in 4 places of sorter to maximize the ability of sorter 

→ Auto supply of products to induction (sorter input) 
    - Auto supply to induction using return conveyor and automatic recollection of empty boxes 

→ Series of automated system 
    - A system in which auto sorting is done by linear sorter, products are moved to cases for shipment, automatically packaged and secondarily sorted by field 

→ Use of suits and exclusive return box 
    - Circulation of exclusive boxes that fit shape of suits from suits to shipment case

 Example of application 

KM Tech Sorter System


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