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▶ Moving Walkway

Moving walkway is installed for transportation in slanted areas, and it is widely used in various convenience facilities for safety and convenience.


→ Economic feasibility 
    It was developed based on purely domestic technology for excellent durability, and it guarantees economic feasibility compared to other products because of low maintenance cost. 

→ Safety 
    It has perfect safety function for safe and convenient use of all customers. 
    Safety sense installed on top: prevents accident during emergency stop Soft drive and speed control upon start-up 

→ Installed for transportation on slopes 
    This device can be customized for any places including amusement parks, ski resorts, sledding slopes, golf courses, hospitals, silver towns, department stores and marts 

→ Convenient installation and use 
    This device can be installed by assembly regardless of place both indoor and outdoor, and it offers convenience of free speed adjustment.

 Major functions

→ Installation and operation method 
   - Chain operation method 
   - Durability, wear resistance (5 years or longer), rigidity 
   - Application of soft drive 
   - All-weather system 

→ Safety function 
   - Minimized top constriction gaps 
   - Dual installation of safety sensor and simple operation of safety device 
   - Facility to prevent injection of alien substances 
   - Reinforced safety speed control in different places 

→ Operation and management function 
    - Low maintenance cost through minimization of trouble 
    - Application of unmanned operation system 

→ Other features 
    - Automatically stopped 5 minutes after passage 
    - Designed to prevent getting caught in the gaps on sides, top and bottom 
    - Handrail and roof are optional 
    - Frame zinc paint and luxurious paint 
    - Rust-proof chain 

→ Scope of application 
    - Slope angle of 15 degrees or below 
    - Width of 60~120cm and length of 30m~120m depending on the place 
    - Exposed type and buried type (exposed type: reduced cost of civil engineering work, 
       buried type: applied to building interiors)

 Example of application 

KM Tech Moving walkway

KM Tech Moving walkway  1

KM Tech Moving walkway  2

KM Tech Moving walkway  3

KM Tech Moving walkway  4


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