Mobrey Side & Vertical Type Magnetic Level Switch



Mobrey Side & Vertical Type Magnetic Level Switch

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One permanent magnet forms part fo a float assembly which rises and falls with changing liquid level.
A second permanent magnet is positioned within the switch or air pilot valve so that the adjacent poles of the two magnets repel each other through a non-magnetic diaphragm.
A change of liquid level which moves the float through its permissible travel will cause the float magnet to move and repel the switch magnet to give the snap action operation.
Switchig is accomplished by the angular movement of the switch magnet being used to operate
These rods bear on contact blades and break one set of contacts whilst allowing the other set to make. The benefit of this arrangement is that contact force is indepdndent of the magnet.

Electrical models
Enclosure & wetsside : Aluminium bronze to
                                          max. iron content 2.5%

End cap Short : e.g. S01DB Aluminium
                             BS1490-grade LM24

End cap Long : e.g. S01D6B Brass BS1400-DCB3 Maximum temp : 210℃ except shrouded flost.

The float carries a stainless steel sheathed permanent magnet which rises and falls in the glandless pressure tube with changing liquid level. A switch mechanism is mounted inside the enclosure adjacent to the pressure tube.
Switching is achieved with the unique Mobrey‘three-magnet’ system, giving snap-action ‘latch-on’ switching.
The Complete Mobrey horizontal float switch range

MSP100 Transmitter
* Non-contact ultrasonic system for measurement of liquid level, tank contents or open channel flow
* 4-20mA processed output signal proportional to measured value

 * 2-wire loop powered using standard twisted pair cable
* Intelligent transmitter with both measurement and digital signal processing in one unit
* E Exia IIc T4 Zone O approval
* Digital communications built-in
* Built-in self diagnostics
* Remote programming capability
* Optional PTFE and stainless steel face transmitter

Typical applications

 * MSP100 is widely used in :
 - Tank contents measurement
 - Inventory control systems
 - Process vessels
 - Open channel flow measurement
* Multiplexing is possible using the HART digital communication protocol, or the standard 4-20mA signals can be multiplexed.
   Contact our sales office for details.

The MSP100 Sonapulse is designed for a wide range of applications fromlevel and contents measurement to flow measurement in open channels where the requirement is a processed 4-20mA output proportional to the measured value.

With intrinsically safe models for Zone O applications, the MSP100 is ideally suited where performance and safety are required.
The MSP100 is also a ‘SMART’ transmitter, having all the benefits of measurement functions and digital signal processing in one self- contained unit.

Additional benefits include remote communications for interrogation, programming and monitoring of field instruments. Changing of operational parameters in order to accommodate different or changing site conditions is easily achieved using the Hand Held Communicator, which can be connected either directly to the MSP100 or at any point in the 2-wire loop, making data access and parameter changes simple and convenient. A CENELEC version of the communicator is available for use in the hazardous area.

Ultrasonic pulses are transmitted from the transmitter face and are reflected from the surface of the product to be received back by the same tranmitter. A measurement of the time delay between the transmitted and received signals enables the microprocessor controlled electronics to calculate the level. From this the microprocessor can deduce conents in any volume units required or the flow of liquid through a flume or over a weir. All the electronics are housed in a tough, weatherproof enclosure.


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