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    About Supplier

    Established in 1985 as a specialized freezing machine installer and began manufacturing freezing machines since 1993, Daeho Cooler Co., Ltd. is now your proud manufacturer of research facilities and heat exchanger facilities helping facilitate industrial thermal fluid facilities, thanks to our Class 1 Engineers and specialized senior executives. 

    Things are getting information-oriented and so is our industry. In meeting varied industrial demands and boasting industrial freezing machines, Daeho Cooler Co., Ltd. hereby promises you unrelenting research and development of technologies, seamless supply system and reliable products in your favor. 

    With unceasing process of research and development for Mindmap Administration, Daeho Cooler Co., Ltd. will always serve you the best.

    112, Machi-ro 284beon-gil, Hwado-eup, Namyangju-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    Product List

    Water Chiller

    Ultra-low Temperature Chamber
    Ultra-low Temperature Chiller
    Screw Chiller Water Cooled Type / FU SHENG
    DHS-30F, DHS-40F, DHS-50F, DHS-60F, DHS-80F, DHS-100F
    Screw Chiller Water Cooled Type / BITZETR
    DHS-50B, DHS-60B, DHS-70B, DHS-80B, DHS-90B
    Air Cooled Type Seawater Chiller
    DHI-075, DHI-100, DHI-150, DHI-200, DHI-300
    Sauna Chiller
    DH-5AMS, DH-7.5AMS, DH-10AMS, DH-15AMS, DH-20AMS
    Air Cooled Type Oil Chiller
    DH-1AL, DH-2AL, DH-3AL, DH-5AL, DH-7.5AL, DH-10AL
    Water Cooled Type Water Chiller
    DH-2W, DH-3W, DH-5W, DH-7.5W, DH-10W, DH-15W, DH-20W, DH-30W, DH-40W, DH-50W
    Air Cooled Type Mini Water Chiller
    Air Cooled Type Water Chiller

    Heat Pump

    Inverter Hybrid Boiler
    AWH-025XB, AWB-016V, AWC-025X, AWD-025XB
    Water Source Heat Pump
    Geothemal Source Heat Pump
    Air-source Heat Pump
    DHB-15, DHB-20, DHB-30, DHS-20, DHS-10, DHS-50HG

    Water/Oil Temperature Controllers

    Water/Oil Temperature Controllers
    DHMW-30, DHMW-60, DHMW-90, DHMW-120, DHMW-150, DHMO-30, DHMO-60, DHMO-90, DHMO-120, DHMO-150

    Air Cooled Conditioner

    Air Cooled Conditioner

    Heat Exchanger

    Heat Exchanger