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  • A-One Valve

    A-One Valve

    About Supplier

    A-One Valve has supplied a great many types of automatic valves for power plant, energy, petrochemical, oil refining, paper, food, water conversion facilities, shipbuilding and pharmaceutical field and realized customer satisfaction through productivity enhancement, energy reduction and environment improvement.

    We are supplying various fluid control solutions through academic-industrial cooperation with Korea Polytechnic University to be a more reliable company.

    A machine feels through a sensor, thinks through a controller and works through a drive and actuator.

    A-One Automatic Valve will try to supply a best quality product necessary for remote control and do the best to become a company that created a wealthy life of customer and future.

    237, Sangidaehak-ro, Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    Product List

    Pneumatic Actuator

    Rotory Acutuator - Double
    AD Series
    Rotory Acutuator - Single
    AS Series
    Heavy Duty Actuator-Double
    AD Series
    Heavy Duty Actuator-Single
    Linear Actuator
    Linear Actuator Option

    Electric Actuator

    Rotary Actuator
    Linear Actuator
    Multi-Turn Actuator

    Pneumatic Auto Valve

    Flanged Ball Valve
    Butterfly Valve
    Screw Ball Valve
    3-Way Ball Valve
    Plastic Ball Valve
    Plastic Butterfly Valve
    Cylinder Globe Valve
    Cylinder Y-Valve
    Knife-Gate Valve
    Tank Bottom Frush Valve
    High Performance Butterfly
    Butter Dampers
    Diaphragm Globe Valve
    Plug Valve
    Cryogenic Valve

    Electric Auto Valve

    Electric Flange Ball Valve
    Electric Butterfly Valve
    Electric Linear Valve (Screw)
    AGE-S Series
    Electric Linear Valve (Flange)
    AGE-F Series
    Electric Linear Valve (3-Way)
    AGE-S3 Series
    Multi-turn Globe Valve
    AGE-S3 Series


    Technical Data
    ATG Series
    Solenoid Valve
    SN/YT Series
    Air Filter - Regulator
    AFP-10, w3000
    Electro-Pneumatic Positioner
    EPR, EPL
    Speed Controller
    FC Series
    SL Series