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  • Defense Industry

    Live Combait Training System, Fire Control System, Airborne Radar System, Ship Indentification system and more
    stx Engine
    Diesel Engine Manufacturer, Marine engine, military engine, power plant, engine parts, gas turbine and SCR System
    Alloy pipe Spool manufacturer, LNG Vessel Invar, Vessel Absorption chiller and parts for onshore plant
    Video Surveillance system manufacturer, controller, Pan Tilt, Fog Penetration multi changer
    Aerospace parts maker, structure, fitting, rib, Interface beam. rolled skin, bracker and more
    Yeonhab Precision
    Connector and Cable manufacturer, Electric and Electronic core parts, Defense industry equipment, MHL and more
    Wireless communication business, Satellite industry, Electronic warfare system, Syntesizer, Control module, RF ID reader
    Woo Kyung Optics
    Fire control equipment, Panoramic telescope, Telescope, Elbow telescopes, Optical fingerprint recognition equipment and more
    Uninterruptible power supplies, UPS, Automatic voltage regulator, Power supply, Frequency converter, LED light
    Shinyang Technology
    Marine and weather measuring equipment and Water quality automatic measuring equipment manufacturer
    Seorim Technology
    Defense industry, Image security system for ground / marine / Aviation and more
    Ship components, Steering gear, Winch, Engine and more, Heavy machine components, Concrete pump car, Excavator and more, Defense industry
    Space aviation, Artificial satellite development, Satellite platform, Optical bench, Satellite image and more
    Lumin Vision
    Image display, System integration, Ultrasonic speaker, Sound wave controller
    Kukdong Electronic Precision
    Connector and Cable manufacturer, Electric / Electronic parts, Defense industry equipment and more
    DongJin Electric&Machinery
    Motor manufacturer, Starter motor, DC motor, Actuator, Controller
    Radar control device, Guided weapon test, Electronic warfare equipment
    Electricity / Electronic parts, Motor drive, Inverter, Power supply unit, Elevator power transforming products
    Heavy equipment manufacturer, Stick crane, Vehicle for Electric work, Fire truck, Environmental equipment, Snow plow
    S&T Dynamics
    Industrial equipment manufacturer, Machine tool, Machining center, CNC lathe, Defense industry products, Casting products and more