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  • Seorim Technology

    Seorim Technology

    About Supplier

    Standing on tiptoe for jump into a global enterprise 

    Established in December 1999, Seorim Digital Technology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise to plan and develop the products applying multimedia related technology under the mission our Seorim family will be growing as members of the global top class R&D enterprise by throwing its whole effort into development of new technology with creative  thought and endless challenge mind without forgetting the mind of the first beginning.

    In order to concentrate on development of information communications technology and production of best product that can make life abundant, today also our company is a company that makes every effort to be born again as the best company in the world of 21st century while our entire officers and staffs sweat heavily by being united together, realizes customer satisfaction management approaching customers more closely, and possesses target and dream to be born again as an excellent enterprise being true to the name.

    We always appreciate your deep concern and love, and promise to show an appearance of leading the world by growing into an ultra-excellent enterprise that is recognized by anybody owing to constant encouragement.

    Seorim Digital Technology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise exerting effort to provide different solution in a business related to digital image application technology (digital camera and camera module) and digital image processing and transmission technology(network camera and video server) in order to contribute to new digital culture in 21st century owing to rapid growth of information communications technology by pursuing human-based management and endless technology development since establishment.

    Hardening a firm position as an enterprise of future-oriented decisiveness and technology-intensive R&D, Seorim Digital Technology is making every effort to establish a solid position as an enterprise to try to find a new chance toward success of all solution development and to lead the multimedia field.

    Our company is concentrating its all force and ability on one place in order to contribute a little to securing enterprise competitiveness and national competitiveness by making consistent investment and effort in order to develop stable and epoch-making technology without overrating its abilities.

    145, Gasan digital 1-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea

    Product List

    Military Application - Land System

    Video Signal Processing Board of TOD
    RPU (Radar Processing Unit)
    Shooting interface board of FSS (Future Soldier System)
    ITAS (MUX & FOT)
    Mobile BEACON / DAS (Data Acquisition System)
    Radar Signal Processing and Control System

    Military Application - Naval System

    VDRU (Video Distribution & Recording Unit)
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    Military Application - Airborne System

    PLT of UAS (Precise Location Tracker of Unmanned Aircraft System)

    Professional Security

    H.264 DVR Module
    1CH H.264 Micro DVR
    DVR Embedded Camera
    AKB-300C, AKD-300C
    2CH Ruggedized H.264 DVR
    1CH Ruggedized H.264 DVR

    Industrial Video

    HD-SDI Portable Monitor

    Custom Engineering

    Portable DVR for Law Enforcement
    Thermal DVR
    PVM (Public View Monitor)
    LVDS DVR (Medical)