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  • You Sung Industrial

    You Sung Industrial

    About Supplier


    We are committed to making a world-class extruder with strong competitiveness.

    I would like to extend my personal gratitude to all of our customers who patronize the machineries of YOUSUNG IND, at all the times.

    We has been enthusiastically devoted to exploit a technology ground day in bound together with one mind based upon the business managent philosophy of solidarity under harmony, precision manufacturing & technical development.

    We have achieved a great number of units produced ever since becoming involved in the manufacture of plastic extrusion equipment since 15 years and surly great contributed to our customer business development & our economic development and increase in export over three decades to now.

    It is the result of ceaseless research and endeavors for development of new products as well as quality improvement based on the technology and experience accumulated.

    Now, we are not satisfied with the result we have been achieved but assure you to be worker of industry by our continuoused research & development for prosperity & glory in the future.

    I wish you to render much more encouragement and patronage to this YOUSUNG as ever.

    13-8, Wonchang-ro 89beon-gil, Seo-gu, Incheon, Korea

    Product List


    3Layer Stretch Wrap Film Extrusion Line
    PC Corrugated & Sheet Extrusion Line
    ABS Polymer Sheet Extrusion Line
    General Sheet Extrusion Line
    Thicker Sheet Dual-Extrusion Line
    Engineering Plastic Sheet Extrusion Line
    Multi-Layer Cast Film Co-Extrusion Line
    Aluminum Coposite Pannel Extrusion Line
    Geo-Membrane Extrusion Line