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  • Woosung Auto Con

    About Supplier

    Woosung Autocon has been a supplier of corrugated factory automatic system and we have been a leading manufacturer of automatic and semi-automatic machinery in Korea and abroad since 1980. 
    We put the priority on maximizing customer’s value and efficiencies by trying all our efforts to manufacture a long life system and machinery from an initial designing stage of all projects. 

    My mission is to manufacture the highest quality of material handling equipment for the corrugated industry featuring responsible and innovative technical solutions which enable our customers to maximize their productivity and efficiencies while always maintaining a safe operator working environment. To continue to develop and introduce new products and technologies to the industry which promote growth in productivity, efficiency, and operator safety. 

    To provide all of our customers worldwide with professional and reliable technical support and to conduct business always with integrity and professional respect I commit myself to being a best partner to our customers all over the world. 

    83, Gunjacheon-ro 31beon-gil, Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    Product List

    COFAS System

    COFAS System

    Pallet Inserters

    Single Pallet Inserter
    Double Pallet Inserter
    Pallet Merge System


    Overturn Top Prefeeder
    Dual Inverter Top Prefeeder
    Bottom Prefeeder
    Top Prefeeder (Compact)
    Continuous Bottom Prefeeder
    Jumbo Bottom Prefeeder
    Semi Autofeeder

    Load Formers

    Dual Zone Load Former
    Load Former


    Robotic Palletizer (for RDC)
    Robotic Palletizer (for FFG)

    Conveyor System

    Floor Conveyors
    Turn Tables
    Lifting System
    Transfer Cars

    Bundle Handling

    Bundle Doubling System
    Bundle Conveyors

    Pallet & Sheet Handling

    Sheet Handling
    Pallet Handling