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    About Supplier

    Woori Technology is a manufacturer of thinking a customers place first and releasing a new product satisfying customers needs.

    The specializing manufacture, Woori Technology, of auto drain trap which is discharging condensed water from the compressed air develops and supplies the best products satisfying the customers need with a creative challenging spirit.

    We have various patents and utility models of developed and new products thanks to customers encouragement and prove our real worth in industrial fields.

    The challenging manufacturer Woori Technology will return to the customer`s confidence with a new technology and a better product.

    197, Jeongwangcheon-ro, Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    Product List

    Power Drain Trap (Pneumatic)

    Float + Ball Valve Type Power Drain Trap (Pneumatic)
    WRDT-1000, WRDT-2000
    Float (High Pressure) Power Drain Trap (Pneumatic)
    Float Type Power Drain Trap (Pneumatic)

    Power Drain Trap (Electric)

    High Capacity Type Power Drain Trap (Electric)
    Sensor + Motorized Valve Type Power Drain Trap (Electric)
    WRET-1500, WRET-3000
    Timer + Ball Valve Type Power Drain Trap (Electric)
    WRMT-15, WRMT-20, WRMT-25
    Timer Type Power Drain Trap (Electric)
    WRET-08, WRET-10, WRET-15

    Reciprocating Compressor

    Reciprocating Compressor
    WRCT-08, WRCT-08-I, WRCT-08-Y

    Attachable Valve Strainer

    Attachable Valve Strainer
    WRST-15-I, WRST-15-Y, WRST-20-Y

    Exhaust muffler (Alwitco, USA)

    Exhaust Muffler

    Dew point Meter (Shawmeters, UK)

    Dewpoint Meter

    Air Filter Element

    Air Filter Element
    WRE-37, WRE-32, WRE-31, WRE-13, WRE-15