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Rotary Roll Fed Labeller Smart 8000



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SM PACK Rotary Roll Fed Labeller Smart 8000

SM PACK Rotary Roll Fed Labeller Smart 8000  1

 Rotary, Roll-fed label(Eye-mark, Servo motor control), Hot-melt glue,
 High speed Labeller, who is successfully favoured by customers who want to
 enjoy the versatile application of the various shape containers (Round, square, oval)
 with high speed production, with advantage at much reduced label cost by means of
 roll-fed labels and more/better advertizing space/appearance by wrap-around labelling,
 in food, dairy and other industry. 
Control Features
 Servo motor control system
 Touch screen control panel
 - User-friendly graphic design
 - Operation data: Easy call-up/revision
 - One touch change-over: label length, cut position
 - Self diagnosis and alarm system
 Continuous label length data monitoring system
 Auto start-up by auto registration tracking function.
 Safety devices
 - Safety door: Door open, Auto M/C stop
 - Auto torque guard: Over-load at drum parts,
 auto M/C stop
 - No-bottle, No-label
 - Bottle jam/fall-down, Auto machine stop
 - No-bottle check
 - Over-bottle check
 Low air pressure, auto M/C stop with alarm
 Heater cut-off, auto M/C stop with warning message. 
Mechanical / Operational Features
 Strong base frame structure
 - Vibration-proof and noise absorbing construction
 - Stainless steel base-frame top covering
 - Corrosion-proof painting
 Use separate vacuum pump in vacuum and cutting drum: Uniform vacuum degree
 Glue supply system
 - Heat-distortion free due to its special structure stood with heat-resistance & lubrication-free bearings
 - Uniform thickness glue-spread on drum
 - Long life time
 Rotary cutter
 - Precise smooth cuts at any speed
 - Easy knife gap adjustment and replacement
 - Quiet operation through Min. noise and vibration
 Reel stand
 - Mechanical & electric brake system
 - Uniform label tension at any speed
 Vacuum manifolder: Use special material to secure abrasion/distortion-proof design
 CAM Segment
 - No need to change CAM segment for different container size
 - Hard coating on Duralumin material: Long life time, Min.
 labelling tolerance for long operation time
 Operator-free operation except start-up and label roll change
 Rapid change-over for different size by modular design (20 Min without tool) 
Optional equiment
 Handle orientation by the star wheel.
 Ink-jet date coding unit for printing on the front label.
 Non-coding and non-labelled container rejection by vision system.

SM PACK Rotary Roll Fed Labeller Smart 8000  2

Table Part

SM PACK Rotary Roll Fed Labeller Smart 8000  3

In-feed / Discharge Star Wheel

SM PACK Rotary Roll Fed Labeller Smart 8000  4

Vacuum Drum Part

SM PACK Rotary Roll Fed Labeller Smart 8000  5

Label Supply Part

SM PACK Rotary Roll Fed Labeller Smart 8000  6

Glue Suppy Part


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