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    About Supplier

    It is our great pleasure to introduce you SM Pack and its products.
    Since its establishment in 1997 along with long technical experience on packaging & labelling machines rooted from previous company, SM Pack has been specializing the design and production of glue labelling machines and now become one of the leading glue labelling machine manufacturers in the world. SM Pack labellers have been designed and built with state of the art creative-technology SM Pack has developed itself, to meet what the customers really need ;
    - High performance
    - High efficiency
    - Reliability
    - Robust and Ergonomic M/C design
    - User-friendly operation & maintenance

    Our endeavor already has born abundant fruits at the market. All the labellers we have supplied are running in an excellent shape and most of our customers repeated orders resulting from their satisfaction. We will continue to develop and improve the labelling technology without a change on our original attitude until and afterward SM Pack becomes recognized as the global top labelling machine maker.
    Thank you very much for considering SM Pack labeller, hope you will enjoy the best labelling technology you have never experienced.

    68, Daram-ro, Docheok-myeon, Gwangju-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    Product List

    Labelling Machine

    Linear Piece Labeller Smart 1000
    Linear Piece Labeller Smart 1500
    Linear Roll Fed Labeller Smart 3000
    Linear Roll Fed Labeller Smart 4000
    Rotary Roll Fed Labeller Smart 8000